Where can I check my fines online

Where can I check my fines online

Many times we commit infractions when we are driving and we have to stay for days or even weeks waiting to receive notification of the relevant fine. Or worse yet, we are left with the uncertainty of knowing if we have finally been fined .

Luckily, there is that great invention called the Internet, thanks to which we can also consult the traffic fines that we have pending without having to wait. In fact, this would be advisable if we want to find out instantly if we have to face (and how much) the expense of a fine, and thus remove the doubt once and for all.

Therefore, we are going to focus on this post to describe where and how to check if our vehicle has been fined .


Consultation through TRESTA

Through the Edicts Board (TESTRA), the DGT makes a free electronic publication system available to all citizens to be aware of the infractions we may have incurred. We will simply have to make the selection of search criteria that they ask us to find the result we are looking for.

How do you do that? Following these instructions to the letter:

  • The first thing to do is to go to the DGT electronic headquarters through this link.
  • Next, we go down to the 'Featured Services' section , and in the second section where it says' DO YOU HAVE ANY FINE?

edict board

  • To access the service, simply click "No Certificate" to avoid complicating your life. Although if you have it, you can choose to access with the digital certificate.
  • Click on "Advanced Search" and fill in any of the search fields (issuer, province, date, CSV code ...).
  • Finally, click on the magnifying glass icon to access our pending fines


Consultation through the Electronic Road Directorate (DEV)

This is another of the options we have to consult the possible fines that we have pending with the DGT. In this case,  it will be necessary to have a digital certificate or electronic DNI . If so, we will only have to register for the DEV newsletter to be aware of notifications via email, SMS, etc.