5 websites to compare mortgage conditions


Choosing the best mortgage is not an easy task. With the large number of banking entities that currently exist and the rivalry that exists between them, the conditions can vary greatly by consulting one or the other. That is why when thinking about buying a house and intending to apply for a mortgage, we advise you to study well all the variables that are at your fingertips, visiting many banks and even using a mortgage comparator.

On the Internet you can find some very useful ones, which, in simple steps and with a few questions in between, will inform you about which bank can give you the best conditions, offering you an approximate fee and interest rate. If you are interested in the subject, keep reading because below we want to reveal 5 web pages to compare mortgage conditions.

1. Rastreator

The comparator par excellence, it also has a mortgage comparator so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. To do this, you just have to enter the web and access the mortgages section. You can find it in the middle of the page, next to home or motorcycle insurance, or through the mortgage and finance section that you will see at the top. Before giving you the best results, Rastreator will ask you some questions to study your case a little better. For example, the type of house you want to buy (if it is second-hand or newly built), if it is going to be your usual residence or the purchase-sale value.


Once you have answered all the questions posed to you, Rastreator will give you a list of the banks that have the best conditions based on your profile. Each one with the monthly fee that you would have to pay depending on whether you want your fixed or variable and mixed rate mortgage. You can also obtain information about the interest rate and more details by entering the bank that you are most interested in consulting.

Within each of them you will obtain more specific information about the characteristics of the mortgage, details of the interest, or the required requirements. You can also request the help of a Rastreator advisor, who will better inform you in case of doubt or any type of problem. You will see an orange icon with the word advisor at the bottom of the web. You just have to click on it and they will contact you as soon as you enter your phone number.

2. OCU

The Organization of Consumers and Users also makes a website available to everyone so that you can compare the conditions offered by mortgage loans, both fixed and variable. The objective is that you can choose the best one for your case, since making the right choice can mean considerable savings. When you click on start a new search, you will enter a new screen where you will have to fill in some information: the amount you want to request and the years in which you want to pay the loan, if it is a new loan or a subrogation, as well as the type of loan (variable or fixed).

When you access the results, the best offer will be shown first, and you can in turn buy it with that of another bank that catches your attention. You can also filter by quality or entity, or ask for help from an OCU expert by calling 91 300 91 43 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

5 websites to compare mortgage conditions 1

3. Rankia

Rankia is another of the websites where you can compare mortgages without any kind of commitment. To access the comparator, click on the Financing option that appears at the top of the page and in Mortgages, Mortgage Comparator. Rankia compares more than 50 mortgages from 20 different banks. Click on Start study to find out which entity can offer you a good price at the best interest according to your profile.

As in Rastreator, you will have to answer a series of questions, which you will have to fill in step by step: What is the purpose of your mortgage, how much is the house you want to buy worth ... Once you answer all of them, you will have to indicate your number phone and email for an advisor to call you and also send you the mortgage comparison to your email.


4. iSaving

This website also has a mortgage calculator, where appropriate with a very simple interface so that you know which bank may interest you the most. The mortgage comparator is visible as soon as you enter the main page, so you just have to start answering the different questions from there so that they know your profile a little more. Only then can they offer you the best results. Fill in the information that appears so that iAhorro will provide you with the results: property value, type of employment contract, monthly income… These are questions that are common in all mortgage comparators.


As in Rankia, at the end of the questions, iAhorro will ask for your name, email and phone number so that a specialized person can help you. Even iAhorro Mortgages will negotiate the conditions of your mortgage for you and will go with you to the signing of the mortgage if you require it.

5. Idealistic

Finally, the Idealista website, which is dedicated to the sale and rental of real estate throughout Spain, offers you a mortgage simulator to find the one that best suits your needs. Enter Mortgage Simulator at the top of the web and start filling in the information they request. Like the rest of the websites that we have mentioned, Idealista has a simple website with up-to-date results. You also have available the phone number 912 183 169 with hours from Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in case you want to consult your questions in a more personal way with one of their advisors.