Apple Product (RED), what is it and what products can we buy

Apple Product (RED), what is it and what products can we buy

We all know that Apple, the apple company, specializes in the manufacture of luxury and powerful electronic products. Surely you know the iPhone, the most coveted terminals on the market. Like its powerful and beautiful computers, smart watches and other products. But apart from that, Apple puts special dedication to social organizations and services. We have already seen the apple show solidarity with the environment on World Earth Day. The same goes for World HIV Day, where they dress their bright white apple a red color. In addition, Apple collaborates with various entities and organizations. One of them is (RED), specialized in the fight against AIDS. In recent years, the Cupertino firm has attached great importance to this issue. Then,We tell you what (PRODUCT) RED is all about and what its products are.

(PRODUCT) RED, also known as (RED) is a line of products that different companies carry out to raise funds for the fight against HIV. Apple is one of them. It consists of selling a line of products in red, the proceeds from these products will go to the fight against AIDS . In particular, to the contribution of medicines and research so that mothers who have HIV and are pregnant can have their children healthy. Apple has been collaborating with that association for 15 years, and according to their official website, they have already raised more than 160 million dollars. Apple sells various devices and accessories under the (PRODUCT) RED brand to raise funds. These are the different products that we can buy.

iPhone 7

Apple dyes the iPhone 7 red

Apple released a limited edition iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED some time ago. To this day they no longer sell this device on their official website, but we can buy it through different shops and operators. The iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED is the same device. The only difference is in the color, and in the contribution you make by buying one of these devices. These iPhone 7 can be purchased in versions of 128 and 256 GB of internal storage. On the other hand, we can also choose the normal or Plus model. The price starts at 879 euros . Although today we can get them with a lower price.

Leather and silicone cases for iPhone

Apple has always had a wide variety of different colored leather cases. The firm wanted to introduce one in red to contribute to the fight against AIDS. When you buy a cover in (PRODUCT) RED, you will be donating a part to this association. The cover, in addition to a spectacular design, has the same price as that of other colors. They are available for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus , iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models.

In addition, we can also choose a silicone case, with a cheaper price, but the same red color. They are available for all compatible models on the Apple website.

Finally, we must mention that a Smart Battery Case of this same color is also available for the iPhone 7 . Its price is 120 euros. We can buy the covers on the Apple accessories page. In addition to the Apple Store or in different stores.

Strap for Apple Whatch

Apple Watch strap

And speaking of accessories, we couldn't pass up the A pple Whatch and its straps. In this case, they have a sports car in (PRODUCT) RED for the 38mm or 42mm version. It has a price of 60 euros. They also have a leather strap for a price of 160 euros. You can buy the 38mm here, or the 42mm here.

Smart Cover for iPad

Of course, the iPad does not stay with its red edition. In this case, Apple has not made any iPad with a red finish, but we can buy a Smart Cover. That is to say, the case with cover for the iPad . The case is available for the iPad mini 4 for a price of 45 euros. For the 10.5-inch iPad Pro it costs approximately 60 euros. There is also a leather one for this model, its price is 85 euros. Finally, the case with a red motif for the iPad costs 45 euros. You can buy them in the official Apple online store or in physical stores.

ipod touch

ipod touch

Yes, the little one in the family also has a version (RED) . In that case, we can choose between the 32 GB model for a price of 232 euros or the 128 GB model for 342 euros. You can buy it here. 

Audio accessories

Beats also has several products in collaboration with (RED) . First of all, the Beats Solo 3 Wireless, very powerful wireless headphones. The red color has the same price as the other models, approximately 300 euros. They also have a Betas Pill + portable speaker for a price of about 200 euros.

Apple not only collects from products

Last December, Apple launched different promotions to raise funds. Several of the apps available on iOS turned red for a week. With this, part of the money bought during the period was destined to the fight against AIDS. In addition, last December Apple donated a dollar for each purchase made with Apple Pay through an Apple Store or in the App Store.

Without a doubt, it is an enormously supportive movement on the part of the Apple firm. We will see how the next few months surprise us.

Via: Apple.