How to see the CVV code and PIN of your credit card on the Internet

Credit cards

Internet banking has become a very interesting tool to operate with our accounts. From here we can directly carry out most of the operations that were previously only possible by phone or going to an office. Transfers, check movements, activate or block cards. .. Speaking of cards, from these online portals we also have the option of viewing the credit or debit card details . In fact, in some places like Banco Santander we can recover the card's PIN code in case we have forgotten it, without having to go to the branch. While in other banks like BBVA you can see theCVV secret code on the back of the credit or debit card. We explain how to view the data and the PIN code of your card in three of these portals ( BBVA, ING Direct and Banco Santander ) both through the computer and on the mobile (Android).

Banco Santander cards


The B ank Santander is one of the entities that we can see the PIN code of your credit card or debit card should forget it . In the case of entering this platform through the browser, after entering our account, we must search among the options on the left for the one that says "Cards". In the upper area we will see the cards that we have contracted with the bank and if they are debit or credit. We select the one that interests us and then we search among the options below "Online consultation of secret number (PIN)".The next step requires us to enter the coordinates of our eight-digit password (the one we have configured with our account on the Internet). There is still one more security step. The bank sends us a code via SMS to the mobile that we have associated with the account.

Once these steps are done, we can click on "View" and we will see the PIN code for 5 seconds. Keep in mind that, although from here we can see the PIN code of our card, what we have not found is an option to see the CVV number. This number is the one that appears on the back of the card and is used to carry out online purchases.

Banco Santander see debit card PIN code

BROWSER: Enter the account â † 'Cards â †' Select card â † 'Secret number (PIN) forwarding â †' 8-digit password â † 'Password received by SMS â †' View

In the case of wanting to do this same process through the app, once inside we select on the box of the desired card (they appear in the foreground), then on “Card detail” and on “Check PIN”. As in the case of the browser, it will ask us for several coordinates of the 8-digit password and the password received by SMS. By the way, the advantage in this case is that once you receive the SMS, the password is automatically written in the box , so you just have to click on "Confirm". The PIN will be displayed for five seconds.

Check PIN of the Banco Santander app card

APP: Select card â † 'Card detail â †' Check PIN â † '8-digit password â †' Password received by SMS â † 'Confirm



In the case of BBVA, the approach is different. This bank does not allow you to view your card's PIN code online, so you will have to go to an office to ask for a new PIN to be drawn if you lose it. What you can do from the network is to view the CVV secret number on the back of the card, necessary to carry out purchases over the Internet.

In the browser, we first click on the desired card (they appear in the foreground) and then we place the mouse on the card's drawing itself. Here we should see a message that says: "Click on the card to see the CVV code . " We click and then on "See CVV" . The mobile will receive an SMS with the confirmation key. After entering it, we will be able to see both the card details on the front (the card number, the expiration…) and the CVV code on the back.

See CVV credit card BBVA

BROWSER: Cards â † 'Click on the desired card â †' Press on the card drawing â † 'View CVV â †' Enter SMS password

In the case of the app, the process is similar. You look for your card at the bottom of the main screen (under the label of "Cards"), then click on the image of the card with the magnifying glass and slide the panel to see the CVV . Again, here you are asked to enter the SMS password, but you just have to wait a few seconds for the message to arrive on your mobile and the code should automatically paste.

CVV BBVA credit card app

APP: Cards â † 'Click on the desired card â †' Press on the card drawing with the magnifying glass â † 'Slide your finger up â †' SMS password



We finish this review with ING Direct. From this portal it is also possible to check the PIN code of your card, but not the CVV code. If we are in the browser, once inside our account we must click on "My products" in the upper bar. Here a drop-down will open with three options. "Day-to-day accounts", "Cards" and "Savings". We click on our card and then on the option "Consult PIN", which is very easy to see. To be able to consult the PIN we will have to use our coordinate card (ING sends it when the account is opened) and enter the coordinate that is requested. Then we have 30 seconds to see the PIN code.By the way, we have had problems getting this option to work in both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Meanwhile, in the Microsoft Edge browser of Windows 10 it has appeared without problems.


BROWSER: My products â † 'Click on the desired card â †' Consult PIN â † 'Enter coordinate code

Within the app, we have to click on "Cards" in one of the circles that appear, then on "Options" at the bottom and "Check PIN" (the first option that appears). Again, we will be asked for a position from our coordinate card.

Check PIN in ING DIRECT app

APP: Click on the circle of cards â † 'Choose the card â †' Options â † 'Consult PIN â †' Enter coordinate code