How to make your mobile wake you up with your favorite radio station


There are two ways to wake up in the morning. You can choose between getting it right and getting it wrong. In the first case, we have to try to think that the day will always offer us something new, experiences with which to grow as a person. In the second case, thinking that every day is Monday, regretting how sad your life is for having to get up early and throw away the little cup with the message of improvement that they gave you for your birthday.

The type of alarm you set in the morning can also determine how you wake up. There are people for whom the old alarm bell of a lifetime works. Others, however, prefer the harmonious song of a flock of birds to take the bad drink of the early morning little by little. And how about being able to wake up to your favorite radio station? What if you can do it with your mobile? Well of course I do. Even if my mobile doesn't have FM Radio? The answer is yes, again.

For this we are going to show you two applications with which you will be able to wake up with the radio . The applications that we show you are very simple to use, you have them available in the Google Play Store and they are completely free.

How to wake up to the radio with TuneIn Radio

The first of the applications to wake up to the radio is the well-known TuneIn Radio. The famous application to listen to international and country radios has an alarm clock option. And we are going to configure it this way.

tunein radio alarm

First, of course, we are going to download the application. TuneIn Radio has a subscription service but we can ignore it since the radio wake-up function is free. When we have it downloaded and installed, we do the following.

We look for the station with which we want to wake up. In this case, for example, we have selected The Top 40. Once it is playing, we are going to click on the three-point menu that we see in the lower right part of the screen. A small pop-up menu will open in which we will select 'Schedule alarm'. On the new screen we can configure the alarm time, its duration, how many times we want it to repeat (days of the week) and the volume at which you want it to sound. We give it to save and that's it.

How to wake up to the radio with Bedr

Another application that you can use to wake up to the radio is Bedr, a free application although it contains advertising and purchases inside. It is a very simple application to configure. Here we explain how to wake up with the radio with this application.


We open the application and click on the circle where we can read 'Settings'. On the next screen, we press the '+' sign that we have in the upper right part of the screen.

Here we will be able to name the alarm, choose the days of the week that we want it to sound and, of course, choose the station with which we are going to wake up. We press 'Select radio station' and we choose it from the list offered by the application. Later, if we want, and in case the station does not sound, choose a song that we have saved on the mobile.