We tried Lookiero, an online personal shopper for 10 euros


Before, we didn't need personal assistants. We relied on our own judgment to buy fashionable jeans and a T-shirt. What happens now?  Well, we are busy in a thousand and one matters. There are infinite trends and we have a fever, a lot of fever, of consumption.

As if this were not enough: we live online . You don't have to go to the chain store on duty to get the clothes you want. All - or almost all - the brands we know have their own online store. But what about the surprise factor?

Surely you have heard about the boxes with products that promote different startups. There are cosmetic products, books, toys for children. And now also clothes. Lookiero is a personal shopper who for ten euros a month sends you a selection of clothes that you can then try on at home and buy, if it is to your liking. We have tested this service and this is what we found.


What is Lookiero exactly?

Before trying it you should find out what it is. If you have tried options like Birchbox or Guapabox, the idea will sound familiar. Lookiero is a box with clothes, selected by a personal assistant, that you can receive at your home on time, every fifteen days, every month or every quarter. Actually you can choose the frequency you want.

The cost of the service is 10 euros per box, although the first one may be free. To start, you will have to answer a questionnaire, in which you indicate your tastes, your size, how much you are willing to spend and other questions related to style. For example, you can ask Lookiero to send you classic clothes , but also some other garment that is trend.

On the other hand, you have the option of deciding what parts of your body you want to highlight or hide or what type of accessories you would like to receive. For example, if you would be interested in receiving scarves, handkerchiefs, bags, necklaces or if the opposite: you prefer to do without this type of accessories. The questionnaire is quite extensive, so it is likely that they will end up hitting what you want.


What do you receive, how and when?

After registering, you will have to choose a date. Most likely, the first one you can select will be in fifteen days. This means that you will have to wait a bit. If you need the clothes for now, this is inconvenient. But the most logical thing is that Lookiero does not serve you to make urgent purchases for a special occasion, but to receive clothes on time. In fact, you don't even know what you will receive.

If you order in advance or choose a specific frequency, you will know exactly when you can count on the box of clothes. You should know, yes, that shipments are very punctual. Lookiero works with SEUR and you will receive notifications (mail and SMS) from both parties to notify you that the shipment is coming. And in this sense they will be punctual.

But there is more. It is important that you especially take into account the moment you receive the order . Lookiero will notify you instantly and from that moment on, you will have five days to try on the garments and, if you do not want them, return them. Inside the box you will find a SEUR bag specially enabled for this purpose, with all your data.


What is inside the box?

When you open the box, you will find a letter from your personal assistant detailing what garments he has decided to include for you. Also a series of cards with photos of your clothes and their best combinations . Here is also the invoice for the clothes.

But let's go to the clothes first. They arrive perfectly folded and wrapped in paper. All you have to do is unpack, view and enjoy them. You can try them on to see if you really like them and they look good on you. Then, with the result, take a look at the invoice for the garments .

Here you will have the price of each one of them. And pay attention to this: you can buy them separately and return the ones you don't like. But if you decide to keep them all ( all five), you can benefit from a 25% discount on the final price. Our selection had a cost of 188.22 euros, but since we decided to get them all, we ended up paying 141.16 euros. This means that we save 47.06 euros compared to the original price.

At this price we would have to add the 10 euros that the garment selection service costs. But in this case we do not apply it, because the first purchase was free through the discount code PSLOOKIERO.


What do we do with the clothes?

Well, as soon as you have tried on your clothes and know what you like and what you don't, it will be time to check out. What is this? Well, tell Lookiero what clothes you keep and what others you return. If you decide to get them all, you can benefit from a 25% discount on all of them .

If not, you will have to pay the price that each garment costs. Access your email to find the Lookiero message confirming receipt of the order. Next you will have to press the Go to Checkout button . Select the garments that interest you and then click OK. The collection will be made immediately.


Is it easy to return the garments?

The answer is yes. Inside the box is included a SEUR bag with the corresponding labels. The name and address are included there. After you have made the choice and rejected the garments that you do not like, you will have to put them in the bag and agree to return. A SEUR courier will come to your house to collect the package. And you will only pay for what you have kept.

The return is also free, but it is important that you do it within five days, counting from the receipt of the package. Our recommendation is that you do not delay too much.

When you're done, whether you've kept it all or returned some items, you'll have the option to send feedback to your assigned personal shooper at Lookiero . Take the opportunity to tell them that they have hit a particular garment, that you would like to receive more garments of that type or that you did not like those pants too much.

If you think there is a misunderstanding, it is best to check your profile to see if there is something wrong . In this way it is likely that in the next box they will hit more.

What did we think?

In short, Lookiero has seemed like a very good option for fashion enthusiasts, who enjoy receiving proposals and packages with surprise garments. You must bear in mind, of course, that this advice has a price: 10 euros. Those people who value this option are sure to pay this amount, but it may seem to many to be an amount that can be saved, if they trust their tastes and abilities when choosing clothes and accessories. 

The clothes are not especially expensive. And in fact, there is an option that allows users to choose a range of quantities. That is, if you would not spend more than 40 euros on a skirt, you can leave it indicated and you will not receive more expensive clothes than that. It would be nice if we could benefit from a 25% discount on the garments, regardless of whether we chose them all or not, but we understand that this is the trick that Lookiero plays.

It is very good that you can choose the frequency as you want: most likely we do not need to buy a new outfit or two every month. We value very positively that occasional orders can be made. In general, we have found it a good option for people looking to be surprised and advise on new trends. The wow factor is one of Lookiero's most interesting options.