Is Viagogo reliable? 4 reasons why and 5 reasons why not

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"Is Viagogo reliable?", "Is it safe to buy tickets on Viagogo?", "Is Viagogo a scam?", "Is Viagogo a fraud?" … These and many other queries are made daily by many users on the networks. Viagogo, an acronym that gives its name to one of the largest ticket sales portals in the world, has received many criticisms in recent months about the veracity of the tickets and the price of the tickets. Are all these accusations true or is Viagogo reliable? We see it below.

Reasons Viagogo is reliable

Despite user criticism about Viagogo, the London-based website is a completely legal company . Let's look at some of the reasons Viagogo is reliable.

Supports payments via PayPal

So is. The ticket sales page supports any type of payment via PayPal , with all the advantages that this entails.

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In the event of a problem with the ticket or the product purchased, we may request a refund through PayPal if Viagogo does not intercede.

The tickets are original

As a general rule, the tickets sold through the Viagogo page are original . The page in question has a system that verifies the authenticity of the tickets based on the data provided by the sellers.

Guarantee in case of problems with the tickets

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Viagogo offers a limited guarantee, the coverage of which is collected up to 10 days after the purchase of the ticket and up to 5 days after the event is held in the event that there has been a problem with the ticket or with the event itself. In both periods the company ensures the following:

  • Viagogo will intercede, either to purchase replacement tickets at a similar price, or to return the purchase amount.

The money will not reach the seller until after the event

To ensure that the tickets are authentic, Viagogo does not send the payment of the tickets to the seller until 5 days after the event takes place .

In the event that an incident related to the veracity of the tickets has been detected (forgery, duplicate ...), Viagogo will not send the money in any way to the seller in question .

Reasons Viagogo is not reliable

Not everything is gold that glitters, and even less on a ticket sales website, where its operation is more similar to that of Wallapop and Vibbo than that of a website like Entradium or Ticketea .

It is a website for the resale of tickets ... with all that this entails

In case it hadn't been clear to you, Viagogo is a ticket resale portal. This means that their final price is significantly higher than that of the original tickets . We are talking about values ​​that can even exceed 200% of their original value, since, after all, the price is set by the seller of the ticket, and not so much by the platform.

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This is the reason why the ticket does not have the original name of the buyer or the price paid through Viagogo , something that in certain cases can play against us if Identity Documents are required at the event venue.

Tickets cannot be returned

Although Viagogo has a maximum period of 10 days after the purchase of the ticket and 5 days after the celebration of the event for claims in case of a problem with the ticket, the website does not establish any return period in case of disagreement for the price of the same or other reasons. Which in Spanish means that we will not be able to return the tickets for whatever reason.

Some entries may be fake

Although Viagogo has "a system to verify the authenticity of the tickets", the truth is that this is not infallible.

In many cases we have seen how fake tickets have been sold through Viagogo , such as the notorious case of Shakira's concert in Madrid. The only points of sale where the tickets are original are those indicated by the event in question, and the distributor will not be responsible for the amount of the same in case the tickets are false or duplicate.

Limited warranty, very limited

Referring again to the terms described by Viagogo on its website, the guarantee offered by the website is very limited. And it is that once 10 and 5 days have elapsed after the purchase of the tickets and the event, we will not be able to claim  in any way to Viagogo, taking over the total amount of them.

Viagogo customer reviews

What better way to assess Viagogo's reliability than through its customers.

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Currently the web reaches one of the worst positions on pages such as TrustPilot , one of the best known portals to assess the attention of online stores.

Pepa López on TrustPilot:

"A fraud! I paid for two tickets of 20 euros about 145 euros and above they were on the top floor, while the information they provided was the first floor.

I wanted to give a nice gift and I'm dying of shame. I encourage everyone to report and claim a refund. "

Eva F on TrustPilot:

“I bought some tickets for the Operación Triunfo concert, they charged me for € 172, they confirmed the reservation and 5 days before the May 31 concert they told me that they were available to us. And they offer me others for € 80 without returning the rest of the money.

They are scammers, they play with people's money and with their illusions. I am going to file a lawsuit against them. "

Lorena Urrea on TrustPilot:

"Very bad. They charged me 300% above the cost of the ticket, they did not agree to the refund, hoping the tickets could be sold, a disastrous solution.

High price of tickets, many others that do not arrive, several of them forged and others that are a mere duplicate of other original tickets. You can see the full opinions in this link.

So, is it reliable to buy on Viagogo?

From our point of view, no . Although the page is legal and offers certain coverages against ticket counterfeiting, the general experience of its customers and their high price mean that from we do not recommend buying tickets on Viagogo .

In addition to the illegality of the resale of tickets in Spain according to article 3.1 of the Civil Code, the best way to get tickets for a certain event is to resort to the usual points of sale.