How to improve a photo with poor quality via the web

How to improve a photo with poor quality via the web

The quality of the images can be a real nightmare . Especially if this is not good enough and we have no alternative to use other photographs. In recent times, there have been some projects that could be used to improve the appearance of low resolution images. Without going any further, Google itself already has its own technology to recover pixelated photos.

Today we have tested a tool that is not professional. And that is available to any user who wants to try it. It is a system that uses Artificial Intelligence to add certain improvements to photographs that have a too low resolution.

While it is not perfect, it is a tool that can help you improve your snapshots a bit. It's called Let's Enhance and its operation is very simple . Do you need to improve any of these images urgently? Try this, see how it works for you.

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You can improve a poor quality photo easily

The photo you see at the top has been enhanced with Let's Enhance. It is true that the differences are subtle, but they are noticeable. Different elements of the image look much sharper, so it's worth a try. If you want to test this tool with any of the photos you need to improve, do the following:

1. Access Let's Enhance. To use this tool you will not have to download any program. Nothing is further from reality. The work takes place through the web , so you won't need to waste time downloading some kind of software.

2. Once inside, you will need to upload the image you need to improve. You can load a maximum of five . At this point, we recommend keeping in mind that the correction process is quite slow. If you are in a hurry, upload the photos one by one.

3. You can drag them directly to the indicated area. Or simply carry out a search and rescue the images you need from the folder on your computer where they are stored.

4. In order to start the process and get the enhanced images, you will need to log in. The system will ask you to register or to log in with your Facebook account . If the second is better for you, do it. It only takes a few seconds.

5. Depending on the image, the process may take several minutes . If the photo is a little larger, you may even have to wait about an hour. If you think it's worth it, go ahead. You will tell us about the results!