Those responsible for Seriesyonkis win the trial and get rid of the fine

Yonki series

In image David Martínez and Jordi Tamargo, two of the accused

At last we know the sentence of the Seriesyonkis case that began on April 8 in Murcia.

Justice has taken the side of  Alberto García Sola , owner of Pousen SL, the company to which SeriesYonkis was linked from 2009 until its sale, of Alexis Hoepfner, owner of Burn Media that acquired the platform in 2011.

Along with them, Jordi Tamargo and David Martínez, Hoepfner's partners, were also on the dock.

After more than two months of judicial process, the longest process in the history of our country in terms of illegal downloads and intellectual property has closed with a complete acquittal for the accused.

The Prosecutor's Office asked for them to pay compensation of 550 million euros and two years in prison for each accused. Those responsible for Seriesyonkis have had among their defense the prestigious law firm Almeida, specialized in technological law.

The firm itself celebrated the news on its Twitter account shortly after the final judgment was known.

The fine to the creators of SeriesYonkis could reach 550 million

Among the most important accusations against Series Yonkis were  film producers and distributors such as  Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, T Lauren Films, Manga Films, Universal Pictures or Paramount Home Entertainment.

The Prosecutor's Office wanted to show that the accused were not only intermediaries between the user and the content, but that they were the ones who uploaded the content protected by copyright for later download.

Finally, the sentence freed the owners of the web from all responsibility by noting that it was the users who uploaded the download links and they  were limited to redirecting to external mega-servers such as  Megavideo and Megaupload,

The ruling says that "unidentified third parties have hosted audiovisual works protected by intellectual property rights, the latter opting for the work not to appear as visible to any public who searched for it directly on the mega-server."

At the moment the sentence is not final and there are still possibilities that an appeal could be filed before the Provincial Court of Murcia by the accusation.

However, it is possible that Magistrate Isabel María Carrillo has finally closed the most important case that has ever been seen in Spain in this type of case.