The funniest New Year memes to share on WhatsApp

The funniest New Year memes to share on WhatsApp

Before the bull catches you and WhatsApp is down due to the large number of messages that will be sent from twelve at night, it is good that you collect some of these memes to celebrate the New Year. We recommend that you open this article on your mobile so that, when you save the New Year's Eve memes, they do so directly in the phone's memory. So, later, it will be easier for you to share them to have a laugh with your friends.

Without further ado, here we offer you the funniest New Year's Eve memes that we have found surfing the Internet. To save them, press and hold the meme for a few seconds until a new window opens where you will find the option to have them on your mobile. Then you can share it with whoever you want and in the way you prefer.

Beware of alcohol

It is very naive to pretend that people do not go overboard with alcohol tonight. So if you're going to drink, please don't drive. You will never have had more opportunities to be taken, because now we have to add Uber and Cabify to taxis. So keep your mobile handy and the applications downloaded. Everything except driving and getting upset right at the start of the year.

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Beware of the grapes

Don't cheat and put the grapes all at once in your mouth, because you can end up like this squirrel . Or end up in hospital emergencies, you decide. The grapes must be taken one by one, making a wish for each one, with the left foot raised, wearing red underwear ... Well, enough superstitions! The important thing is that you don't end up choking and spending the night with doctors.

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Beware of brother-in-law jokes

If you don't know how to identify your family's brother-in-law ... be careful with this. Maybe it could be because, in the end, you end up being it. Are you one of those who does not stop playing the joke of 'See you next year'? Do you get sick of eating and then say 'well, and when do the main dishes arrive? Congratulations, you don't have your brother-in-law medal hanging because your family adores you. Because yes, you deserve it. And a lot.

weekend 03

Beware of inconsistencies

Yes, we are all incoherent. We know. We advise our friends not to make the same mistakes we always make. We never lead by example. So why not complain less and be thankful for all the good we have? We sure have a much better time that way. And, incidentally, we spread our good humor to the rest of the users who read us.

weekend 04

Beware of New Year's resolutions

Yes, we all know that the starting gun for many of us begins on January 1. New Years, new life, clean slate… Come with that list of resolutions to have a better and healthier life! Don't hesitate to ask your friends for help to get through your New Year's resolutions… You know, less smoking, less alcohol, learning languages, a little exercise and… diet!

weekend 05

Beware of hangovers

If we tell you to be careful with alcohol , especially if you have the bad thought of wanting to take a car that night, it is also because of the hangover the next day. And if you're getting older, hangovers are like spending a season in hell. They don't last a single day, now they can last up to a week. And I think you go to work again on the 2nd, right?

The funniest New Year's memes to share on WhatsApp 1

Beware of the practical jokes

It does not fail. You are aware of the Puerta del Sol clock, like every New Year's Eve, and there it is, the same old red dot, of some absurd 'brother-in-law' who has seen fit to point a laser pointer. What is the purpose of such a feat? That your laser pointer appears on TV? Congratulations, master, you have earned a sugar.

weekend 07

Beware of loneliness

It's sad but true. Many people will spend New Years Eve alone . And it doesn't have to be because she is alone in life, but because of work issues. If you know someone who is going to spend New Year's Eve alone, better send them any other of the memes that we have shared. Cruelty always hurts and we are here to have fun, right? A suitable victim of this meme may be someone who has spent the end of the year alone, but is now well.

weekend 08

Beware of unfulfilled purposes

Very few of us end up fulfilling the resolutions that we set for ourselves when the New Year arrives. Yes, intention also counts, but the commitment to change for the better should also be strong. It is not enough to put on a piece of paper that we want to be better and in the end end up passing on good intentions. Better to have no purpose and set yourself small short-term goals. You will see how without pressure everything goes better.

weekend 09

Beware of unnecessary expenses

One of the last memes that we teach you refers to all that amount of money that many are left at New Year's Eve parties . What is open bar! Do the math. If drinks usually cost you seven euros, and on any given night you have about five, is it worth spending more than 35 euros just to be at a party full of people whose sole purpose is to drink?


Beware of gluttony

And we are not referring to the fish but to that devouring desire that turns all human beings into steamrollers when we see the dishes with ham, prawns, cheese ... because then come the crying, the heartburn , the diet, the pants that does not fit me, that spring and summer are here ... Leave something for others and don't be anxious!

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