How to know the opinion and assessment of a doctor on the Internet


Tired of the difficulties of getting a medical appointment? Tired of knowing which doctor or specialist will be your luck? Now, at the click of a button, everything is closer and it is easier to avoid these obstacles, at the same time that we can know the opinions on various medical matters of ostheopaths, psychologists, clinical neurophysiologists and many more professionals in the clinical field. Because certainly one of the most useful things for a patient or someone with discomfort in the body is to be able to  know first-hand the opinion and assessment of a doctor and this can already be done thanks to the Internet.

All of this can be done from the Doctoralia website , an online platform that was founded a decade ago by three professionals (two doctors and a technologist) who thought that health professionals lacked tools to reach patients. This system allows, among other things, to know the opinion and assessments directly from a specific professional on a matter or disease raised. A drop-down opens in the portal and we see, in a personalized way with the images and description of each doctor, their profile, their contact, their available appointments to make the consultation, etc ...


So in practice these mean that the user, completely free of charge , can orient himself to healthcare professionals of various disciplines and contact them directly. In an easy and comfortable way, you can find an online appointment according to what the user needs and, at the same time, see the specific thematic opinions about a query.

To choose a professional, the user has the possibility of filtering the results in a search engine by city, insurer or specific specialty. This way you can find the professional you want to look for. Currently the "professionals" tab.


General medicine, dermatology, cardiology, psychiatry, optics, pediatrics, oncology, and many other disciplines are available. The web drop-down offers the possibility to choose professional, city and filter the search by postal code or even by specific insurer.

In Doctoralia anyone can register, be it a doctor / professional, patient or medical center. All of them can offer their opinions on the care received, the things that went right or wrong, their experiences, etc. in order to give ideas and help others who have gone through similar situations. Today more than two million users a month use this platform, in order to directly choose their favorite doctor, view and consult their evaluations and book the desired appointment online. Currently, the web accommodates 88,932 professionals and offers up to 30,284 medical centers. But given the success and the exponential good reception of the project, surely these figures will soon continue to grow and expand ...