10 websites to value and put your old car on sale

10 websites to value and put your old car on sale

If you think that the time has come to get rid of your car, the first thing you should know is the sale price that you can expect to be able to fix a reasonable price and place it quickly. Of course, getting the maximum possible profitability. It is true that this process can be a very heavy task for us . But, don't worry, we will tell you where you can go.

There are many  ad and classified sites  on the internet that offer us the possibility of  appraising and / or selling second-hand vehicles , but not all are the same or reach the same number of users.

In this special we are going to make a small ranking of the  most popular and interesting websites to find a buyer for your car.



Autoscout24 is a very useful classified ad tool specializing in the sale of second hand vehicles. In addition to putting your vehicle up for sale, it allows you to know the reference of maximum and minimum prices that are offered for a vehicle with characteristics similar to ours.

The best without a doubt is its system of ads with labels that help us when evaluating and comparing the different prices.


we buy your car

In We buy your car you will find a wide range of appraisal and sale services for your vehicle.

You will only have to register a first estimate of the sale price that you consider and then arrange a professional inspection by the company, totally free of charge and without any obligation for you .

After the results of the evaluation, they will tell you which are your best assets to sell your car, both by direct sale and by auction.


sell your car

This website will help you get rid of your old used car and buy a new one quickly, easily and safely. With its online appraisal tool you will be able to know, immediately, the market value of your used vehicle, regardless of its condition, make or model. In addition, on this occasion, you can also contact them through their phone, by email or via WhatsApp .



One of the reference websites could not be missing in our ranking. Autocasión not only offers a complete online appraisal service and purchase and sale of new and second-hand vehicles, but it is also an emblematic portal currently focused on the motor world.

From its website you have at your disposal a very useful and, above all, free appraisal tool, with which you can value your vehicle before putting it up for sale.



Those who wish to sell their car, without leaving home are in luck. Ocasión Plus, is another online tool with which you can appraise and put your vehicle on sale, be it tourism, industrial or motorcycle. Once the free preliminary appraisal has been carried out, by incorporating some simple data, the company makes the payment on the spot and is in charge of managing all the subsequent paperwork.

Ocasión Plus has centers in Madrid, Valencia, Pamplona and Zaragoza , being a much more comfortable and practical option for those who live there.


sell car

Sell ​​Car is another website with which to sell your car in a simple and, above all, fast way. You must enter the data of your vehicle in its online evaluation service to receive a first estimate of the value of your car via email . After knowing the amount, and depending on the offer, you decide whether or not to sell your car to the company at that time or later.



In addition to being a website dedicated to the sale of vehicles, Coches.net also houses a large community of motor enthusiasts in Spain. If we fill in your form with the data of the model to be assessed, we instantly obtain a personalized report with purchase prices and sales prices.

It has an easy and intuitive app with which you can create personalized alerts or get in touch with any potential buyer via chat.



On this car website, in addition to being able to upload a free ad to sell your car, they also have an appraiser, or  SuperTasador  as they call it. An online car appraisal tool   that allows you to know at any time, and for free, the value of your vehicle in the market and thus be able to calculate how much you can ask for it.

The prices reflected are quite reliable, compared to other online appraisers who are too low. You will only have to leave some minimum data that allow the appraisal to be carried out, without having to give manufacturing or registration dates, among others.



Canalcar is a second-hand car dealership in Madrid that makes vehicle appraisal and purchase services available to its customers. So if you are thinking of selling your car, in Canalcar you can make a totally free appraisal of the vehicle without having to move from home, or in person at its Las Rozas facilities. You just have to fill out a simple form and in less than 24 hours you will receive an estimate for the purchase of your car.

As if that were not enough, you will have the option of selling your car directly to them or for them to do it yourself through a sales commission system.



Flexicar  is another great option where you can value your vehicle over the Internet . The website works in a similar way to those previously described, so you will have to enter all the vehicle data, including the make, model and year of manufacture. In this case, you can also contact the technicians by phone, email or via WhatsApp.