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We fully entered the last week of August and with it, we immersed ourselves directly in the return to school. You have to prepare textbooks, school supplies and with all this (don't forget) label all the objects of your sons and daughters so they don't lose them.

Just a few days ago we told you that there are different online services to order your personalized labels on request. It is an ideal option if you do not have too much time to create the labels yourself , if you want them to be beautiful and if, in addition, you want to have a good amount to use, not only in this school year, but those that come.

Another interesting option, if you have the time and desire to personalize the labels yourself, is to print them yourself at home . You will have to create a kind of workshop at home, but if the little ones can also participate and be entertained in what is left of summer, this is a good option. Shall we start?

Free Printable Labels For 4 Best of Back To School Name Tags Printable Free

Free Printable Labels For 4 Best of Back To School Name Tags Printable Free

Labels to print without drawings

It is very possible that the little ones look for drawings on their labels for school, because the truth is that they are very beautiful and fun. But surely, as they grow, they will want to get labels without drawings , a little more discreet. Let's start with this page of printable labels that HopToys provides us and in which you can find a total of 21 labels. They are simple, but some are shaped like a comic strip or the typical box that is used to include onomatopoeia. The backgrounds are in geometric patterns, so, although fun, these printable labels are also very discreet.

You can print them on adhesive label paper or take advantage of the lining of the books, if it is self-adhesive, to leave them fixed on the book. This is for books. If you are going to use them for objects, you better choose a good label paper for your printer.

The following labels that we propose are available with a white background and are cut-out. You can use the background to make them a little more fun . In any case, you will be the one who chooses the size of them. You have eight labels on each page.

These are gorgeous and can be great for labeling your English books. You have them available with different floral motifs and with the legend: This book belongs to…  It will only be necessary to add the student's name by hand and the additional information that you need to include.

These are very simple, they have a blue patterned background and white space to write. They are simple, but effective, so you can print as many as you want to use in all your books and objects . These others are very similar: they are also colorful, but they do not have any other motive or additional drawing.

Look, here we have another selection of precious labels to print. In this case also without drawings, but in multiple colors . In this way, if you feel like it, you can paste them randomly on your objects and books or, if you consider it appropriate, use the different colors to differentiate subjects.

This design reminds us very much of the mirrors of yesteryear, with a flowery frame . You have only one label, so if you want to print a full page with it, you will need to use an editing program or a Word page to insert several. This way you can make better use of printing and save time.

If you don't like drawings at all and you prefer to print blank, simple and clean labels, you'd better opt for this option. On this page you have nothing more and nothing less than 33 labels, ready to print and cut. Then you can easily personalize them by hand, although through the computer you can also include the text you want. In fact, you can even insert your own drawings or icons.

Here you have another collection of bubbles or circles in which you can add some simple information, such as the child's initials or the course. This is a good option if you have enough with a small space to label. In fact, here you can include other information, such as a food intolerance for the lunch box or any other information that should be known.

If you prefer colored circles and a very cheerful background , take a look at this other label. The background is white, so you can write (or type, as you prefer) the name and school year of your little ones easily and clearly. Of course, keep in mind that only one label is included: if you want to print several on the same page, you will need to insert them in a Word sheet or in an image.


Printable labels with drawings

Here you have more labels, in this case with a grid and striped background, with space for the name, the subject and the course. They are cut-out and perfectly suitable to be attached to textbooks. 

Owls are a very recurring animal on labels and accessories for children. Here you have them in some labels for back to school, specially designed for books , because they are elongated and contain all the space you need to indicate the child's name and surname, as well as the subject and the school year in which he is . So you sure don't lose any.

In these labels for school , of very good quality and printable, you can include the child's full name. In them one of the characters of the Three Little Pigs appears. These come in different shapes, such as colored pencils or speech bubbles.

These are white, but have the drawing of a sun. The page you can print has up to twelve labels . You can print as many as you want and with this, solve the labeling of the books and accessories for this year's school. Here are more simple labels, with a smiley emoticon, to print.

Here there are also drawings of owls, but the animals complement their presence on these labels with other school motifs , such as caps, blackboards, musical notes, books or notebooks. On each page you have a total of ten labels that you can reprint as many times as you need. In addition, they have a lot of space to write all kinds of data.

The ones that we present to you now include drawings of an alpaca. They are a bit more ornate , because the truth is that they include a very colorful background. But if they suit you, go ahead and print as many copies as you consider necessary.

Here's a slightly more classic collection of labels. These include a checkered pattern, typically Scottish, with a white background in the center. You have more than enough space to write the name of the children, the course and any other information that you consider appropriate.

These other pictures are simple, but they hit the mark perfectly. A label is circular and is included in the drawing of a colored box. The other is a pencil.

There is another design that we would like you to see that includes a border of colored hearts. Then it also has the lines (specifically two) so you can write the child's name once printed. There are 12 labels on each page, so you can print a good collection in one stroke.

These labels have seemed very original to us . In the first place, because they have an uncommon format: no boxes, no circles. What you will see here is a kind of cloud, which also includes a drawing related to the school, such as a globe, some books, some rulers, paintings or clocks.

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Colored labels to print and customize

If you don't want labels with drawings or designs, you may have to settle for this selection of colored labels to print and personalize to your liking. Here are a few colored labels to print, with space for the first name, last name and school year. If you print them with adhesive paper for labels you can include them in any object for school.

These are very simple, but they have everything a label has to have to be valid . They include space to write the name and are available in different colors. These others are very colorful and although they have a white background, they include geometric drawings of balls and squares in infinite shades.

What do you prefer black and white? Well, here you have a collection of labels with a black background and white polka dots. Perfect for lovers of monochrome and discretion . Of course, these will have to be modified digitally, because they include the typical legend of Insert text here. If you have Photoshop or any other simple editing program, you can replace that text with the name of the person in question.

These other labels are perfect for children going to kindergarten or second cycle of Early Childhood Education. They are simple, colorful and barely have the silhouette of a bunny . They include plenty of space to insert the child's name. On each page you can print four in purple, green, orange and blue.

Here you have a complete page with the main colors and a pencil drawing, in which you will find space to write the child's name and surname.


Design labels for objects and books

If you like everything to be designed with success and taste, perhaps you should opt for another type of labels, with more minimalist and functional designs . This collection of labels, for example, we loved. They have very delicate designs, with dots, borders and, in general, geometric motifs. You will also find other motifs, always in pastel tones, such as a bicycle, a rocket, a motorcycle or an apple. They have plenty of space to include the child's name.

There is another collection of labels that we especially liked and that you can download here. They are labels with a white background, but with multiple design motifs . They are simple and beautiful to look at, so they will especially appeal to those looking for delicate proposals. You will see that there are kittens, anchors, trees, rabbits, letters and other geometric motifs combined. A delight, with more than enough space to include the names of the little ones.


This other label has seemed beautiful to us , because it is a traditional black and white drawing, in which a boy and a girl appear. If you are into retro designs, surely this can be a good option, not only for children at school, but also for older people who want to label their objects and books.

What do you like cross stitch and handmade things? Well, these labels may also help you, because they have a very traditional design and include a kind of floral pattern that imitates the cross stitch. You can print up to four labels on each page.

We have found some more graphic borders and motifs that combine three colors: yellow, turquoise and blue. They also have a very beautiful and distinguished design, with six labels to print per page and the possibility of personalizing them both from the computer and by hand.

These others have a simple design, but this does not mean that they are not pretty . Because you can find the labels framed in beautiful borders with hearts, roses, polka dots and different geometric motifs, but sharing something very unique: pastel colors. They are soft and delicate.

These are quite similar to the previous ones, but you will see that they have a square format instead of rectangular. There may be little space to include data, but they will come in handy if all you need to write is the name of the student.

Following the line presented by these design labels, we propose another selection in which you can find a total of ten labels. Each one has a background motif, but they all agree on something: they are beautiful, elegant and present a very careful aesthetic . If you like them, you can combine all the ones that we have proposed. The books and objects of this next school year will be luxurious.


Labels with Disney characters and cartoons

If there is something that makes the little ones in the house head on, it is cartoons and Disney characters , in general. That is why it would not be strange that what they ask you to be labels with their favorite drawings. We have found an interesting selection of labels in which all these characters are protagonists. Do you want to take a look at them? Find yours below.

To start, let's look at a few Disney princesses. Here you have Rapunzel, Frozen and Bella. But if your son or daughter is especially a fan of Frozen, here you can download a whole page with labels in which the characters of the famous Disney story appear . In these it appears, nothing more and nothing less, than Minnie Mouse. You have a selection of ten labels to print on a single page. In this one there is also Frozen and there are a lot of labels so that they appear on a page and then you can write the names of the little ones.

Pocahontas and Ariel the Little Mermaid also appear here. And here you have a compendium of some of the most important of the Disney universe. But beware, this matter is not only about princesses. We have located a good collection of labels that will delight lovers of Star Wars, the famous cartoon movie Cars, and Inside Out, the movie about emotions.

But if there is a star character in the Disney factory , that is Mickey Mouse. Since there are so many labels available to print and personalize, we offer you a selection of twenty. It is possible that other characters of the house appear on these same labels, but in almost all of them you will see that Mickey is the protagonist. Enjoy them: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Now that Toy Story is back in fashion, we also thought it would be interesting to find a selection of printable labels that included the most important characters in this saga. Here you can also download a total of ten tag collections: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

But without a doubt, the star of the summer has been The Lion King . The remake of the legendary film has triumphed like the most in theaters, so this classic has been recovered by the little ones, who now surely enjoy making their own stickers at home from this exciting story. We have located some very interesting labels and stickers collections, which we can easily print and download. Some you can customize with your own hand. Others you can edit them through the computer. Whatever you do, here is a collection of ten: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

But there are other cartoon characters who are also successful and who also deserve to have their own personalized labels for school. Sure they all sound familiar to you, so all you have to do is choose your children's favorite.


Peppa Pig

The popular little pig and her family have their own collection of labels. You will find a few on the internet, ready to download and customize for free. We propose a total of ten: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.


sponge Bob

The picturesque character who lives in a pineapple under the sea also has his acolytes. There are few who are looking for customizable labels for books and objects from back to school in which the famous SpongeBob appears. We propose ten to download: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.


Paw patrol

The drawings of the Paw Patrol or Paw Patrol (in English) have burst with an overwhelming success. For years, the characters of these cartoons are everywhere, so the world of school labels could not be less. You can find all kinds, but we invite you to download ten: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.



You already know that Pocoyo is another one of those characters who has the heart stolen from preschool children. If you want to adapt the labels for the nursery or nursery school, you can use the ones we provide below to mark all the books and objects that your little ones need: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Over 100 printable label templates for back to school 1

The Simpsons

If you have older children, they may prefer to have their own personalized labels with the Simpsons characters. The famous family is also present through these types of items , so you only have to download, print and personalize them to hook them to the books and objects of the school: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


Book labels

Textbooks and reading books are an essential part of going back to school. In order not to lose them (which happens more often than we would like) it is important to have them well labeled, each one with the name, surname, school year and if necessary, the school where our children study.

You will have seen that there are customizable labels specially designed for objects , others that are valid for both objects and books and some that would only correspond well to books. What we propose below is a selection of labels only to insert in books.

What we recommend, to make everything more practical for you, is to personalize them (if possible) directly on the computer, adding the name of the boy or girl . In this way you will ensure that the design of all is uniform. If you prefer, you will always have the option of writing the name by hand on the printed label.

It would also be interesting if you printed them on a self-adhesive paper . Most printer manufacturers have such paper ready to use. This way, you won't have to use glue or figure out how to get the labels to lie straight under the book covers (if you regularly put it on).

Let's start with this page of labels for kids featuring some funny characters, such as giraffes, foxes, lions or dinosaurs. You can include the name of the student and the course they are in. We also propose this collection of two labels, with reasons that indicate that we are dealing with labels specially designed to be used in books. Of course, if you want to print several at the same time, you will have to insert them repeatedly within the same sheet. 


We suggest another set of labels, suitable for both books and notebooks, with blank space and the odd school motif. In these you will see that you can read directly that of: This book belongs to ...  These are fantasy and sea of ​​fun for children with a lot of imagination: they will be especially appreciated by lovers of unicorns.

These labels do not have any mystery, but they are pretty and funny characters appear on them . There is also a specific space to put the child's name, course and school. Let's look at another selection with up to eight labels per page to print so you can indicate who each book belongs to.

And to curl the curl, we propose a selection of labels specially designed to be attached to the corresponding book for each subject. You will see that there are a total of twelve labels, each one designed for the subjects that are currently given in schools and institutes. They are the following: Nature, Physics and Chemistry, Language, Biology, Mathematics, Music, Social, Physical Education, Plastic, Citizenship, Technologies and History . All you have to do is print and clip them to hook them to the book that corresponds to each of the subjects. If you need more than one for each subject, you will have to print them again, because there is only one for each subject on each page.


Labels for English books

If your son or daughter goes to a bilingual school or attends English classes regularly, you may want to label their books and personal belongings with labels in this same language . You have a wide variety of labels to choose from, in which most of the time you can read the following: This book belongs to … or This belongs to … Some do not include any text, so you can also use them for any other subject, about all if you like its design.

In fact, if you have an editing program (it doesn't have to be a complex one, like Photoshop) you can delete the text you want and add your own , through the computer. This way you will avoid having to write by hand and you will get a uniform design for all the labels.

As there are so many options, we propose up to 20 customizable labels to download . You have them all here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.