Movistar goes down in Spain, WiFi and mobile data do not work

movistar wifi data does not work service drop

This has been confirmed by more than a hundred users just a few minutes ago on Twitter and various social networks. Apparently, the drop in the Movistar service seems to affect different parts of Spain, although the highest incidence has been reported in the Community of Madrid. The reported failure is related to fiber optics and Movistar's mobile networks, causing connection problems in WiFi and mobile data . At the moment, it seems that the company is already aware of this.

Movistar WiFi and mobile data do not work

Since early in the morning, many users have reported various problems with the Movistar network on networks. Initially, the problems affected only the company's fiber optic network. Now it seems to have spread to the mobile network of its antennas .

@movistar_es what happens in San Lorenzo de El Escorial… There is no WiFi and no data on the phone ?? Please I have an exam in half an hour

- Eva (@ Evavi71) June 3, 2020

@movistar_es They tell me from 1002 that you have a massive incidence in Madrid and that it will be corrected "only" ... It happens to no one else, scam?

- Fco by Borja Sánchez (@thebtester) June 3, 2020

The company itself has confirmed that there is a local incidence in areas such as El Escorial, although it seems to have spread to the rest of the districts of the Spanish capital . Hours later, the problem has spread to other parts of Spain, such as some areas of Andalusia (Huelva and Seville), several cities in the Valencian Community (Alicante and Valencia) and certain areas of Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia.

Hello Francisco. I am leo. If it is a local incident that has already been identified, our technicians will be working to solve it so that all affected users can navigate again. If you see that in a few hours it has not been resolved, do not hesitate to indicate it. a greeting

- Movistar Spain (@movistar_es) June 3, 2020

The good news is that Movistar is already aware of network failures and seems to have gotten to work. This has been confirmed by the company on its official Twitter account. At the moment, it is not known when it will return to normal , although everything indicates that it will not be until this afternoon, as we have seen on previous occasions.

Yoigo, Orange and Vodafone affected by the fall of Movistar

Some users of Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo have reported in the last hours certain problems with the mobile networks of their respective operators. Although the problem does not seem to have spread too much, everything seems to indicate that they come from the mobile networks that depend on Movistar. This can be solved by forcing the connection of the mobile network to that of our operator through the Mobile Networks section in Settings . On the other hand, coverage may be affected, although it can serve as a temporary solution until Movistar fixes the errors in the mobile network to re-equip the 3G and 4G networks with mobile data.