The funniest memes to celebrate Mother's Day on WhatsApp

The funniest memes to celebrate Mother's Day on WhatsApp

Mother's Day is coming Are you looking for memes to share on social media? Look no further, in Tuerxperto we have compiled the best and funniest images to celebrate this May 5 as it deserves, with humor, a lot of humor. You can share these characteristic memes with your family, friends or mothers.

How can I share a meme on WhatsApp? It is very simple. If you're looking at this post from your smartphone, just hold down the image and click download. It will automatically be saved on your device. Then, go to WhatsApp, enter the conversation and click on the share image icon. You will see that there is a folder called 'Downloads' or 'Downloads'. Click on the image and send it. In case you are seeing this through your desktop, you can right click, save image and share it through WhatsApp Web. Of course, you can also share it on social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram. Now, the memes.


Facebook is a very good tool to share your personal life with your friends or family, but this meme is right. Think that if you share a congratulatory message for Mother's Day on your wall, but your mother does not have Facebook, it is as if you were talking to a real wall. Share this meme to your friends or family who share this type of post on Facebook.


Okay, if your mother has Facebook, the above meme is not much use. In that case, you can share it on your wall, but don't forget to congratulate her in person or call her on the phone. You can use this meme in case they send you the previous one.


I will not comment on this.


Here a person has discovered that without a mother, we could not be born. Science has spent years investigating how we were born. The Novel Prize in science already has an owner.


This image is perfect to share with your mother.


Wait to?


Who has not happened? Entering your room when you come home late is very dangerous. Your mother is guarding the door, so you have to use different tactics. The most common: apologize, say that you will not be late again. Crying until I let you pass is not a bad option. Share this meme if your mother uses this tactic when you are home late.

Because there is only one stem cell and nobody takes care of you like her. # FelizDiadeLaMadre

- A Chemistry for All (@quimicaPau) May 5, 2019


Has he ever told you this? On Mother's Day you can take the opportunity to spend time with your mother, you will be with your mobile, tablet or computer another day.


It's my mother in the shape of a dog.