10 memes about Mondays to send on WhatsApp

memes monday

Have you noticed that it is Monday? You have probably noticed it because your alarm clock went off at the usual time. Yes, I'm sure you were very clear yesterday, so today you won't be caught by surprise. It's Monday and it's time to get back to the routine, no matter how hard it is. The only thing you can do to cope with dignity, apart from trying to take it a bit optimistically, is to connect your WhatsApp and start sending memes at will . If you share the sorrows with the rest of mortals (read, friends and family) who also have to get up at seven in the morning (the luckiest ones), surely you face this beginning of the week in a different way. Although the saying already says: evil of many, consolation of fools. Be that as it may, we cannot allow this Monday to be a disaster. Let's start, at least, by having a laugh… There is nothing left!

i hate monday meme

You've probably woken up with a worse face than that poor dog , whose snapshot has repeatedly been meme meat. But is that Monday is a lot of Monday. There is no one who can resist the onslaught of the first day of the week.

meme monday hours

We have an important consolation. On Mercury a day lasts 1,408 hours, so it could be worse . The Mercurians have it very, very crude. Even if Mondays seem longer to you than a day without bread.

Monday more coffee meme

If you can't handle your Monday, you will have to make a decision. You could go to the pool to take a few laps to clear yourself , but the truth is that Monday mornings are too raw to start doing sports, like this ... without having breakfast or anything. Better do like this and jump on a trampoline to a very large cup of coffee.

hell monday meme

And here we have Morpheus, giving us hope . If you are defeatist by nature, this meme will enchant you. Because the character of the Matrix who is in charge of revealing the truth to us, is sure that what is not waiting down in hell is a lasting Monday.

meme monday meditation

But if you are one of those who prefer to run away from the truth, better try this one . The only thing you can do to get away from this Monday is to meditate. Let's see if by magic, this Monday becomes Friday. If you fall asleep, it is very likely to happen.

meme monday energy

And those people who go out on a Monday morning for a run? That she wakes up vital, full of joy and jubilation, that she walks happily to work as if it were what she most wanted in life. Well, forget about them. They don't exist, nothing more than in advertisements and in movies. Does anyone know what it is like to wake up in the morning full of energy? Well neither do we.

meme monday diet

Another classic of Mondays, as well as of the good resolutions of January. Do DIET . If you think you're going to get it, go ahead, but if not you can always laugh a little at everything with this meme. How about we start next Monday? In the meantime, I'm going to get my coffee and my donut.

meme monday tuesday

If you have one of those Mr. Wonderful mugs and you believe everything they tell you, great. But if you are grumpy (or realistic) by nature, maybe you could use a cup like this, in which apart from cursing on Mondays, they are also loaded on Tuesdays . This week he promises to kill us!

meme whatsapp monday format

And if Monday has definitely gone wrong, maybe the best thing you can do tonight when you get home is to hit the format button . Don't worry, tomorrow will be Tuesday and even if it's just as bad, we'll be playing Friday with our fingertips . Cheer up with everything!