Bytefence Antimalware, what it is and how to remove it

bytefence-antimalware-what-is-and-how-to-remove it

Bytefence is a paid antivirus software that offers a free version. This application is developed by the company Byte Technologies, and it may have ended up being installed on your PC without you noticing. We explain what Bytefense is and how you can eliminate it in a simple way.

Why do you have Bytefende installed on your PC

Surely you have noticed a curious fact when installing a free program on your PC. During the installation of many of them, we are offered the possibility of also installing other applications, such as Bytefence. A few months ago it was quite common for Bytefense to be installed when you installed a free application on your computer, something that fortunately is becoming less common.

Bytefence Antimalware, what is it and how to remove it 4

This is a fairly effective way to advertise, and many free applications accept this type of practice for financial gain. It is not a bad thing, but you must be careful so that your PC does not end up full of applications that you will never use . This form of distribution of Bytefence causes many antivirus to detect it as malware or potentially dangerous software, although in reality it will not do anything bad on our PC.

Is Bytefence worth using?

As we have said before, Bytefence is a paid antivirus, which means that once the trial period is over, you will have to buy a license to continue using it. There is nothing wrong with it, but there are many other antivirus much better known and that have proven to be very effective in doing their job. Therefore, for many users it will not make sense to spend their money on Bytefence.

In addition, Windows 10 already includes an antivirus tool, the well-known Windows Defender that is completely free and does its job perfectly. Windows Defender offers more than enough features for most users. Having two antivirus programs is not recommended, as they can conflict with each other, and they will consume too many resources on your PC.

Windows defender

To all this we must add that Bytefence is not dangerous, but it can be quite annoying to have it installed on our computer. This antivirus software modifies the browser's search engine , something that ruins all the work you did to set Google as the default search engine.

Another drawback is that Bytefence sends many notifications . Many of them are to warn us about certain dangers, but it is still annoying when you know exactly what you are doing.

How to uninstall Bytefence

If you have come this far you are quite clear that you do not want to continue using Bytefense. You are in the right place, we explain how you can completely uninstall it from your computer.

Uninstalling Bytefence is quite simple, it is actually done like any other program so it has no secrets. You just have to access the control panel and from there enter the tool to install and uninstall Windows 10 programs.

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Once inside, you will find Bytefense without too much trouble. Select it and click "Uninstall" to remove the application completely. The process will only take a few seconds to complete.

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Once the wizard finishes uninstalling, there will no longer be a trace of Bytefense on your computer . Remember to reactivate Windows Defender or install another free antivirus that does not require you to buy a license after a short trial period.