100 free wedding invitation templates to download and print

150 free templates to personalize, download and print wedding invitations

When it comes to organizing a wedding, everything is hassle. You have to choose many things: boyfriend, dress, suit, flowers, banquet ... If you are one of those who have decided to immerse yourself in this adventure of cyclopean dimensions, you should know that it will be difficult for you to get out of the mess alive.

But you also have to take into account a fundamental question. And if you want the wedding to be successful, guests will have to come. Because there is nothing sadder than a wedding without a feast. And so that your guests know where they have to go and what type of event to attend, you will have to make the traditional wedding invitations .

We are talking about the classic cards in which the event is announced and, in addition, a day and an hour are proposed for the celebration. And since we are not facing any event, we have to work on it a bit. So today we want to propose you a series of free templates, images and tools to easily create your wedding invitations.

If you want, it will not be necessary to go to a printing company and a designer. You can easily create these invitations at home, you will save a good amount and you can create cards one hundred percent to your liking . Read on to discover all the options you have, below.

wedding invitation word

Wedding invitation templates for Word

Did you know that making a wedding invitation can be as simple as opening Word? Microsoft offers you countless templates to create and personalize your own wedding invitation through Microsoft Word. It's very simple: all you have to do is download the template that you like the most and from there, unleash your imagination. Although you cannot customize as many details as with other programs, the options that the program gives you are more than enough. Especially if what you are looking for is a simple presentation.

This elegant black and white invitation is perfect for informing your guests about the wedding date and all the details you want to add. You can customize the template without problems and print it directly from your home. But if you were looking for something more cheerful, maybe it is better that you look at this invitation. It is very cheerful, and even has spring flowers, with dimensions of 10.2 x 15.2 centimeters. It fits perfectly with Avery 5889 and 8386 cardstock. Of course, you can also print it at home.

If you are one of those who prefer to make the most of paper and prefer something simple, download these invitations. You can print up to four on a single page. They contain a very elegant blue border and can be fully customized.

If you have children and you are going to take advantage of the wedding for a baptism or a more family celebration, you can use this template, which includes a more fun design, with animals and more colorful. Here is another simple template, to edit and add all the wedding information, another card with pink balloons, an invitation brochure and a card, which can be used both for Valentine's Day and for any other love event, since it contains very sweet colors and a love poetry.

In addition, taking advantage of the fact that we are in the repository of Microsoft Word templates, we have thought that these documents may also be useful for you, which are used for other aspects of the wedding. You have, for example, a template to make the wedding budget, a playlist to select the music, the photo album, the wedding guest list, the arrangement of the seats and the tables (something that always ends bringing headaches to the bride and groom), another guest list, another detailed budget, the wedding calendar checklist (so you don't miss out on anything) and thank you cards, to Thank your guests for their attendance and, if necessary, for the gifts.

wedding invitations

Images of wedding invitations to download

The next thing we're going to show you is a collection of images that you can use as downloadable wedding invitations. They are all in image format, so if you want to use them, you just have to download them and then edit them in an image editing program, such as Photoshop . In most cases you have the frame of the invitation, so you will only have to enter the text and if you want, some other image.

Here you have an invitation in white and floral details, a template with flowery branches and soft pink tones, a simple black and white template, one in white, pink and gold that you can modify through any editing program or this other, as discreet as it is precious, in which peonies appear and you can add your personalized text.

romantic wedding invitation

Wedding images to include in invitations

Another thing you can do, if you prefer, is to download beautiful images that you can include as a background in your wedding invitation. Sometimes a nice image and a little space are enough so that you can add the data you need to include about the people who are getting married and, of course, the characteristics and details of the event. What we propose below are a series of images, very suitable for a link, that you can download to the computer and then you will have to edit in a program expressly designed for this purpose. It may be Photoshop, but today you have plenty of online tools that will make things even easier.

wedding invitation entrance

But let's see what images we have. All those that we propose below are free of rights , so you will only have to download them and use them. Nothing else. You have some beautiful spring roses, in very soft tones, a card that seems to be painted with watercolors and in which a beautiful bouquet of flowers also appears, two hearts that seem to be joined with a ribbon and that you can use to include in your couple's invitation in love, a book in which you can write all the details of the event.

If you prefer a less traditional wedding invitation, you may be interested in this other one, which contains some sunflowers and also leaves space for the text of the invitation to link. In this beautiful frame, you can also include your own invitation, as if it were a mirror, surrounded by purple flowers. All very wild and romantic.

wedding invitation flowers

These pink roses can also be useful to illustrate your wedding invitation, because the truth is that they have the perfect hue for a traditional wedding. Although if you prefer red roses and more space to write, this other invitation can help you more. Here you also have more flowers, of different colors, both at the top and at the bottom, leaving space in the center for the invitation text.

If what you are looking for is a traditional invitation, with flowers and music, this may be perfect. Because it includes all the elements, including a classic frame, to add the details of the event. This other image is made up of some wooden boards and some pink roses, perfect if your wedding is going to be a little more informal.

wedding invitation card

Although if yours is minimalism , you may prefer to use this image as a template for your wedding invitation. The only thing you will see, as a detail, is a pink heart. The rest is space to include the event data. We have also located another invitation with a little more wild flowers and other floral details that we have also found beautiful. This other image seems perfect for those who want to opt for flowers in their invitations, but who prefer them to be a little less classic. These in yellow are very pretty, even for a wedding.

These flowers are also perfect for an invitation. They combine purple and pink tones, with a heart, so you can use them as a background, because the truth is that they leave little space for text. But if what you want is a slightly more fun invitation, maybe you can use this image, in which flowers and butterflies appear, combined with buttons.

beige heart wedding invitation

Do you remember the little birds that appeared in Disney's Cinderella story? Well, if you are a fan of that movie and want to include them in the template of your wedding greeting, you can. Because here they are, albeit in discreet black and white. This other invitation includes a specially designed frame so that you can enter all the details of the link: if you like purple, this may be a good option.

In this other there is the detail of a heart and a red flower and this one has a pale pastel background, gray, but elegant: if sobriety is your hallmark, this invitation image may make you feel comfortable.

wedding invitation flowers with frame

You also have an oval postcard, like an old mirror, in which you can include your link information. This same postcard is available in a rectangular format. If you are a nature lover, you may be interested in taking a look at this postcard, in which a flamingo appears, some butterflies and flowers. It also has space to enter text.

This other is a much more classic postcard, but if you are one of those who love romanticism and red hearts, it may suit you. In the center of the postcard you will have a box with space to enter the text you want for the invitation. This other wedding invitation template image looks like an old cardboard, or old movie ticket, with plenty of dedicated space for text. In the background, a group of hearts.

rosebush wedding invitation

We really liked this other postcard, which you can perfectly use as an invitation, and which is made in blue-gray color and has beads around it as a frame. This other one has a slightly more ornate design and a central strip, in white, which can be used to introduce the text. If you are a classic couple, you will surely like this: because the design imitates a crochet lace .

wedding invitation shoe countdown

If you want something even more classic, you will like this postcard with roses that make a box on a watercolor background. They are pink roses that will appeal to the most romantic of the place. This letter can also serve as a wedding invitation, along with this image of the clock, this floral background with fabric texture or this rose with soft petals, which although it does not leave space for text, can work very well as a background for an invitation .

wedding invitation couple dogs

Fun and cute drawings to include in your wedding invitation

If you are one of those who have no problem when it comes to editing your own wedding invitation, you may be interested in having some fun drawings to include on the card. If you are going to make a more informal invitation, we propose a collection of illustrations, available on the Internet, that you can download and insert wherever you deem appropriate. We propose a total of twenty, which you can see and download here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

wedding invitations interface

How to make wedding invitations on the Internet

You have already seen that on the Internet you can find countless interesting images to make your own wedding invitations. You just have to download them and use them in your favorite image editor, to personalize it to your liking, entering the names of the couple and the information about the link: the day, the time, the place, and so on. This is very easy, but you also have other options. 

Did you know that on the web you can also find online services from which to create original wedding invitations? One of the first we've taken a look at is Canvas . To access this tool you have it very easy: you have to register, but you can do it through your Facebook or Google account, so that you do not have to enter any personal data or email address.

Once inside, you will see that Canva is a kind of image editor, but online, which does not involve any installation on your part. From there you will have to decide what you want to design. In this case, a wedding invitation. 

Write 'wedding invitations' in the box enabled for this purpose, on the left side of the tool. What will appear here will be a selection of templates, which you can choose at will, and which represent different styles and ways of understanding a wedding. In this way, if you are more classic, you will have to choose a template that corresponds to your tastes and style. But if your wedding is going to be much more casual, don't worry: here you will also find invitations as infographics and fun ideas so that your guests are not left indifferent.

The truth is that the tool is so complete, that it is most likely that when you discover it you will no longer need anything else. There are hundreds and hundreds of templates ready to be modified, so all you have to do is see which one you like the most or, rather, which one best suits your personal style .


With the invitation selected in the editor, you will see that it appears on the right side of the screen and that all the boxes in which you can edit are well observed. Simply hover over each of them to enter the text you want. If you want, you can also modify the color, size and style of the letter, so that the wedding invitation is even more personalized.

In fact, there are so many options that even the elements that appear on the invitation can also be customized. For example, if the invitation contains drawings of leaves, you should know that you can move them one by one, to adapt the appearance of the invitation to your personal taste or the amount of text that must be included. All you have to do is hover over each of these elements to start moving, modifying (increasing or decreasing the size) or eliminating it.

And this is not the only option, because if you want you can also add an additional page. This is useful if you want the invitation to have content on both the front and the back. If you print on two sides, you can add more text or even images. To do this, you just have to click on the Add a new page button .

When you have finished with the edition, you have it very easy: you can download the invitation to your computer to print it yourself or take it to a printing service where they can do it for you. Be that as it may, once the work is finished, you will have to click the download button , located in the upper right part of the tool. From here you can decide the format you want: PNG (High quality image), JPG (Small file size), Standard PDF (Small file size and document with multiple pages), PDF for printing (high quality) or MP4 Animation / GIF (if you need an animated video).

cotton bird wedding invitations

More options: services to order invitations online

It is possible that you are not skilled in this design and that you are not interested in using an editing program like the one we have proposed, even if it is the easiest thing in the world. If you prefer to save yourself all this work, you may have to opt for a service where you can order your wedding invitations online . It will not be necessary for you to spend a fortune on it, because these types of services already have pre-made templates, so you only have to send your data and choose.

To help you in these we want to propose some platforms that we have found interesting. First of all, there is Cotton Bird, which is a company that is dedicated to organizing everything related to a wedding, including invitations. You can choose between different collections, depending on your style: Minimalist, Scandinavian, Rustic Chic, Haute Couture, Classic, Byzantine, Illustration or Vintage . Click on the section that interests you the most to see what invitations you have at your fingertips. The truth is that they are very beautiful and are designed with great taste.

From there, you will enter the description of each of the postcards. You will see the type of paper, effects and details. Remember that the assembly is usually not included, especially if a postcard that includes ties or other elements that are not properly paper. From there, you will have to personalize the invitation with your details, so you will need to enter them. In this case you can also adjust the texts and colors as you wish.

Finally, it is important that before validation you have carefully reviewed all the information included in the postcard, it is not going to be that you receive the invitations (with how expensive they are) and have a fault .

style wedding invitations

There is another service, called BodaStyle, in which you also have countless invitations to choose from. We especially liked this page because it contains a lot of original invitation proposals to choose from . So, if you were looking for something curious to surprise your guests, you should know that you will find it here.

Dive through the various sections to see invitations in the shape of airline tickets, puzzles, suitcases and countless postcards with kraft details. At the top of the page you can select if you want modern, classic, creative or comic invitations. There are very funny drawings, included in postcards that you can get very well priced.

And if you are looking for offers, know that there is a section called Promotions from which you can locate an infinity of wedding invitations on offer. When you have found the one you like, you will have to personalize it yourself with the names and information about the event. If you want them to do the personalization, you will have to pay an additional 80 euros . But if you do it, you will save yourself a good peak.

original wedding invitations

Original wedding invitations

If you are one of those who do not settle for the usual, you may be interested to know that before you there have been many people willing to stand out from others. And that is why they have made original wedding invitations , which you will surely not be able to download or print, but which will give you an idea about what you can do for your wedding invitation. Let's start with some of these interesting examples, which you are sure to love.

This first invitation is a message in a bottle. If you have a program to print labels, maybe you can make it yourself. You will only need to acquire the different elements that appear in the image and that's it . This other invitation has no secrets, but it has a funny text, which seems to come from the Mr. Wonderful factory. In this case, you could do it yourself, although you would need a good design.

If you are looking for an original packaging proposal, perhaps this one that we present can convince you. It is a simple design, but attractive, that if you have tomorrow you can make yourself at home. You also have this one, which does not look like a wedding invitation, but an infographic. It is original as few, so if you dare, you can capture this idea and make your own design. 

These other invitations are rarely seen, because they are made of wood. We like this very much, because it is a kind of wheel, which you can turn to discover all the details of the event. It may sound very complex, but it is actually quite easy to do. But if you want the guests to have to do some work, you have to see this. It is an invitation in puzzle format that your relatives will have to do if they want to know the details of the link : this includes the name of the couple, but also the information of the event: date, time, place, etc.


Although be careful, if you want to work it out a little more, this invitation is out of the question. It looks like a box of medicine and is actually what it is trying to emulate. It's about Bodorriol: inside it brings some candy and a leaflet with all the indications for the event. It is perfect for people who want to make an original invitation.

And we end with this other invitation, which is actually a kind of infographic with all the details of the event. If you like things simple and with taste, this invitation may be a perfect role model.