My Xiaomi Mi Band does not connect: common errors and solutions

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For some time now, dozens of users have reported various connection problems with the Xiaomi Mi Band in its different versions (Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4…). "Xiaomi Mi Band 3 does not connect", "My activity bracelet does not connect to the mobile", "Could not synchronize, try again Mi Fit" ... Most problems are usually related to synchronizing the bracelet with Mi Fit , which ends up affecting the rest of the Mi Band's functions, such as the step counter or sleep measurement . We have compiled some useful methods to solve the connection problems of the Xiaomi Mi Band.

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Use a newer version of Mi Fit

Based on recent user reports, everything indicates that the connection failures of the Mi Band have to do with the latest update of the Mi Fit application. For this reason, the most immediate solution is to use a different version of the version of Mi Fit that we have installed on our smartphone through the Google store.

To download different versions of the application we can go to the APK Mirror website. It is recommended to install the latest version available on the platform. We can also resort to older versions where the error is not present.

  • APK Mirror Web

Take a look at the apps that control the Mi Band

My Xiaomi Mi Band does not connect: 1 common errors and solutions

At times, third-party applications that allow us to control the Mi Band may conflict with the Mi Fit application. Applications such as Tools & Mi Band, Notify and Fitness or Mi Bandage for Mi Band and Amazfit . To rule out possible conflict problems we will have to uninstall all these applications except for Mi Fit.

Remove the bracelet from Mi Fit and add it back

If the synchronization problems of the Mi Band persist, the last solution before completely resetting the bracelet is to remove it from the Mi Fit and add it again.

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The way to proceed is very simple. First of all, we will have to go to the Mi Fit application, specifically to the Profile tab . Within this tab we will click on the synchronized Mi Band and we will slide to the last option in the menu, which is called Unlink.

Now we will just have to follow the steps that Mi Fit will give us to remove it from the application. To add the bracelet again we will have to click on Add device , an option that we can find in the Profile tab. All this with an active Bluetooth connection. The synchronization process is very simple, just press the central button to accept the operation. 

Completely format the Xiaomi Mi Band

A clean slate, as they say. To reset the Mi Band settings to factory settings, we will have to go to the bracelet screen first. Within the navigation options of the bracelet we will go to the More option . Finally we will go to the Factory Reset option that we can find in More.

My Xiaomi Mi Band does not connect: 2 common errors and solutions

To erase all the data from the bracelet, we will hold down the central button until the screen vibrates . Before performing this action, we must bear in mind that the data on sleep, heart rate, steps and kilometers traveled and calories burned will be completely eliminated. When the process is finished, we can re-synchronize the bracelet with the mobile through the Add device option in My Fit.