How to know who calls me on the phone, the 5 best websites

How to know who is calling me on the phone, the 5 best websites

Calls from unknown numbers are becoming more common. Many companies are desperately seeking to sell their services, so they end up calling everyone to see who's biting the bait. We show you five pages that you can use to find out who is calling you on the phone , very useful to identify spam.

Identifying who owns an unknown number that has called us is much easier now than it was a few years ago. In the past, companies could hide their identity when calling us, making fraud and spam much easier than now.

Fortunately that changed, and companies can no longer hide their identity when calling us. This has made it possible to create large databases to identify fraudulent calls.



ListaSpam is a web portal that works like a huge database of phone numbers . If you've received a call from an unknown number and you want to know who it is before you call back, you can try this site.

All you have to do is enter the phone number in question. Your system will look up the number in the database and return all the information stored. In case you had answered the call, you can add it to the database specifying if it is a survey, a scam, telemarketing or another type of service.

Who calls me

Who calls me

Who Calls Me is a web portal very similar to the previous one, but in this case it stores data internationally . The bad thing is that it is in English, although its use is very simple and we do not believe that anyone has problems. Again it offers us the possibility of reporting a new phone number if we have been victims of spam or worse. An option to take into account due to how large your database is.



We continue with This platform presents a search engine in the upper left part of the screen, put the number that has called you and you will know who it is instantly. The best thing about this website is the large number of users who participate in their comments , something that helps to identify new cases of spam or scam.



Tellows operates in 50 countries and has more than 8 million active users . This makes their database one of the largest. This service classifies phone numbers by the type of company to which they belong, perfect for you to know if it is something reliable or not. It also includes a score called the Tellows Score, which will help you know whether to accept or reject the call.

Its heat map shows the places where the most spam calls are being made, and the numbers most searched by users. Tellows offers applications for iOS and Android , making their use very comfortable.

Who has called?

Who called

As soon as we enter this page we see a great search engine where to put the phone number that has called us. If you enter a number for which there is no data, you can syndicate what type of call it is to help the rest of the users of the platform.

If you go down a bit you will see a list with the latest comments from users , indicating the number that called them and what type of call it was. You can click on any of the comments to access more detailed information. Your database is constantly growing.

These are the 5 web portals that we recommend to know who has called you by phone. Has he used any of them? You can tell us about your experience in a comment to help the rest of the users who follow us every day.

… And

You can also go to our mobile reference website, where we bring together some of the main spam numbers. We leave you with the list of numbers identified to date:

  • 918382964
  • 912041600
  • 912135900
  • 662991273
  • 912016240
  • 912916065
  • 911251946
  • 935010142
  • 900861783
  • 921750012
  • 910 210 912
  • 693955444
  • 910950608
  • 918288511
  • 644908448
  • 983070391
  • 601617251
  • 987795168
  • 912582550
  • 3346249265
  • 911418290
  • 6672809200
  • 931770578
  • 2626
  • 954328565
  • 556
  • 911455784
  • 962012007
  • 910768022
  • 800760150
  • 932142205
  • 900 900 861
  • 918288528
  • 662991941
  • 636634795
  • 912048500
  • 965060481
  • 900920803
  • 912860985
  • 917371066
  • 964800099
  • 1170539014
  • 965060480
  • 910888992
  • 963787635
  • 917371720
  • 5547428667
  • 917371752
  • 955320964
  • 910887075
  • 983539907