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All the steps and options to make a return on Amazon

Amazon USA, or what is the same, Amazon in the United States, is the Amazon store with the largest number of products. Compared to Amazon Spain, the company has several million more items than its counterpart in the country of Cervantes. Fortunately, the company allows you to buy Amazon products in the United States from Spain , although it is only compatible with a series of limited items. The only requirement to make Amazon purchases in the USA will be to install the mobile application either from the iPhone App Store or from the Android Google Play Store.

So you can buy on Amazon from the United States from Spain with International Purchases

It is not a service outside the company, but an option accessible from the Amazon mobile application. The option in question is called International Purchases, and it is extremely useful if the product we want to buy is not available in Spain.

The process to buy Amazon products in the USA is very simple. Once we have the Amazon application open and our registered user, we will click on the sliding menu on the right and we will go to the Settings section .

buy amazon USA from Spain 2

Then we will give Country and language and then we will give Country / Region .

buy amazon USA from Argentina

Finally we will give International Purchases and Save (in Language and Currency we will keep Spanish and Euro). The application will automatically switch to Amazon International.

buy amazon united states from Spain

From now on we can place orders from Spain to the United States and any country in the world compatible with Amazon International. The price to pay, whether we have a subscription to Amazon Prime or not, will be an import fee that will vary depending on the product in question ; We can see it by accessing the product, specifically below the price. To this must be added the customs cost that generally depends on the type of article.

buy amazon USA from Spain

To do this, Amazon establishes the following estimate:

  • Customs tax for books : € 29.55
  • Customs tax for CDs : € 9.95
  • Customs tax for videos : € 39.95
  • Customs tax for software : € 37.95

The rest of the products will depend on factors such as the size or the final value of the same.

Other pages to buy on Amazon USA if the product is not available

One of the great disadvantages of Amazon International Purchases is that the company does not have all the products it offers in the United States to ship to Spain . To do this, the only thing we can do is turn to external companies that make this type of shipments for us, although the price of the service is not usually cheap at all (between 30 and 40 euros for packages that touch one kilogram of weight).


The operation of these types of pages is usually the same. Generally we can choose between two options:

  • Reserve an address in the USA and place orders through Amazon and other pages with the "rented" address. Later, the service will ship to our address in Spain.
  • Order the products directly from the service so that it automatically manages the purchase, shipment and subsequent importation to our country

Once the products are purchased, we will have to pay both for the package sent and for the shipping costs . The cost per package is usually around 2 euros on average, so that the equation is as follows:

  • Total cost = (Cost of the product + 2 euros on average per product) x Quantity of products ordered + 35 euros on average per kilogram of weight

To this must be added the possible cost that customs may impose on our product , although this depends on the size of the product and the shipping method.

As for the pages that perform services of this type, we leave you below with several of the best known:

  • Shipito
  • Parcl
  • My Mall Box