The funniest messages and congratulations to say goodbye to New Year's Eve and welcome in the New Year


The year 2019 ends and a decade ends. A decade in which a lot of things have surely happened to you, good and bad, but which are left behind to remember. This December 31 we will celebrate the farewell to the new year and we will welcome 2020 with one goal in mind: to enjoy life more and try to attract the good things. 

And these good wishes, which are for oneself, are also often shared among family and friends. And what better way to do it than sending messages via mobile? It is the fastest way to be happy for others and let them know that you have thought of them and send them all the luck in the world for the new year (and the new decade) that begins.

For this reason and because surely you have many things to do before getting fully into the New Year's Eve celebration, we have prepared for you a selection of the best messages and funniest congratulations to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome the brand new 2020 .


Messages to congratulate the new year 2020

One of the means that we use the most to congratulate the new year is, without a doubt, WhatsApp. Congratulations are pouring in, so if you want to be original and send something more fun than a simple Happy New Year, you can choose any of the ones we propose here . The only thing you have to do to share them with your loved ones is to copy and paste them into your favorite messaging service. Let's go there!

  • May you never lack a dream to fulfill, a project to carry out, something to learn from and someone to love. Happy New Year!
  • With the crisis, you have to save, so: Merry Christmas, Happy 2020, may the Kings bring you a lot, happy birthday and we will talk for next year.
  • At this time I wanted to send you something funny, incredible, tender, sexy, sweet and very entertaining. But sorry, I did not enter the screen. Happy 2020!
  • If in 2020 life gives you hundreds of reasons to cry, you show them that you have millions of reasons to smile.
  • Tonight I only ask one thing: look up at the sky and count all the stars in it ... Those are all the good wishes that I send you for this next year! Happy 2020!
  • Hopefully your troubles last as long as your New Years resolutions. Happy 2020!
  • Tonight demonstration at Puerta del Sol. Take 12 grapes. Pass it on! Happy New Year!
  • When God made the distribution of abilities, he gave me a choice between loving my friends and having a good memory, so Happy Easter and Happy 1824 .
  • I wish you a new mathematical year 2020: add all kinds of pleasures, subtract any kind of pain, multiply happiness by a thousand and divide love among all your loved ones. Happy New Year!
  • Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. You just received a hug from a distance. Happy New Year!
  • For each day of the new year, a new wish to fight for ... Good luck in your new projects!
  • For this new year I wish you as much health as the sea has water, the sky has as much love as stars and the desert has as much luck as sand. Happy New Year!
  • For the New Year's dinner ... Does the mobile go to the right or to the left? Happy 2020!
  • Life has given us one more year and all I want is to be able to share it with you.
  • A bottle of cava: 30 euros. A New Year's Eve party: 50 euros. A party dress: 70 euros. May I congratulate you on the year: it is priceless! Happy 2020!
  • 2020 can be the beginning of everything you want. To for a new year!


Laughter and fun to say goodbye to the year

If there is something you can (and should) do to say goodbye to the year, it is to share with your family and friends Christmas postcards, memes and images in general that are fun and allow you all to have a laugh before saying goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020 So that you don't have to look for them, we also want to share with you a collection of funny images to share with those you love the most. Enjoy them together!




Images to congratulate 2020

The next thing we propose is a collection of images that you can use together with these phrases to complete your New Year's greeting . They all have motifs related to the New Year's party, so you can combine them perfectly to your liking.

happy-new-year-4682825_1280The funniest messages and congratulations to say goodbye to New Years Eve and receive the New Year 1The funniest messages and congratulations to say goodbye to New Year's Eve and receive the New Year 2new-years-eve-4664930_1280new-year-4705162_1280new-year-4675090_1280The funniest messages and congratulations to say goodbye to New Years Eve and receive the New Year 3new-year-4660439_1280new-years-day-4691183_1280

Images with messages to congratulate the new year

Another thing you can do, instead of combining images with text messages, is to directly use images that already include phrases to celebrate the entrance of 2020 and, of course, give a good farewell to 2019. If you want to share them with yours All you have to do is download the following images, save them on your mobile and send them to those you love the most. They sure appreciate it!

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