WhatsApp crash, messaging service not working

WhatsApp crash, messaging service not working

Are you having problems with WhatsApp? Messages not reaching you? Can't send anything to your friends and family? You are not the only one. We have detected that the well-known messaging application is having problems . As we have seen, users have problems accessing the service and also sending and receiving messages.

As we have seen in Downdetector, WhatsApp has been down for about 30 minutes . The case report began around 6:00 p.m. and right now the number of reported cases continues to grow. Right now we are already in 215 cases and rising.

Problems sending, receiving and connecting with WhatsApp

WhatsApp downdetector crash

The problem is, mostly, sending and receiving messages. A 55% of problems reported is precisely the inability to send and receive messages . On the other hand, 44% of the problems reported correspond to connection problems . Users indicate that they cannot even access the application.

Regarding the geographical area, most of the reported cases are concentrated in the Latin American area . Some cases have also been reported in Spain and even in northern Europe.

What can we do?

Unfortunately as users we can do little or nothing when there is a general drop in service. We can only wait for Facebook (current owner of the messaging application) to solve the problem.

We can also use one of the most widespread alternatives to WhatsApp . Indeed, we are talking about Telegram. There are many users who, in the face of the latest WhatsApp crashes, have decided to install Telegram to have it as an alternative to the well-known messaging application.

It seems that Facebook is making changes to its servers or something similar, since in a very short time we have had drops of both WhatsApp and Facebook and Instagram.