ili Wearable Translator, the translator gains languages ​​and drops in price

ili Wearable Translator, the translator gains languages ​​and drops in price

We have known for a long time the adventures of the ili Wearable Translator. It is a pocket device that is responsible for almost simultaneous translations. All this without worrying too much about the data of your Internet rate, the battery or even having access to the network. Of course, for the moment its deployment is still slow, and Spain is not one of its target countries. Now we know that it drops in price and that it grows in functionalities . We tell you about it here.

The ili Wearable Translator was originally conceived as an application. However, after a first test, its development in a device external to the mobile phone offered some quite interesting questions. Although it means carrying one more device in your pocket or around your neck, it has an independent battery. A device always available to be used. In addition, the user experience is much more natural for users . After being released in select countries last May, it now offers a significant discount and new languages ​​from the same device.

From one to three languages

To date, the ili Wearable Translator was intended for one-way translations. And in a single language. Something that quite limited its use to situations such as tourist routes or communication tools in hotels. Now, however, the latest software update allows the message to be translated from English into Spanish, Chinese or Japanese . All this from the same device.

ili wearable translator

Simply press the language selector button to switch between one and the other. In this way, after pressing the capture button and dictating the phrase, the ili Wearable Translator would emit the translation out loud in the chosen language. Something that would avoid having to buy several devices to have different combinations of languages.

However, the bidirectional one is still pending. An absence that subtracts many integers from this pocket translator. And, without being able to translate in two directions, this device is only useful for giving orders or asking for help. But not to exchange information between two people of different languages.

Now cheaper

On the occasion of the Christmas season, the creators of ili Wearable Translator offer a discounted price during these days. A great way to save up to $ 50 . Thus, the price drops to $ 200, about 170 euros. However, for now it is still a product sold only in the United States.

now cheaper

And it is that the commercial development of the ili Wearable Translator translator seems to continue linked to its possibilities. And, although they have grown in number of languages ​​from the same device, their commercial focus remains fixed. Spain is outside its sales territory , at least for the moment. We will have to keep waiting for this small device of just 50 grams of weight to arrive in our country.

A device for traveling

The ili Wearable Translator is a kind of pendrive with a size of 12 cm x 3 cm x 1.5 cm . And it only weighs 42 grams. Its design is elongated and ergonomic, to carry it in the hand and use it as a walkie-talkie to express phrases in another language.

The most important thing is that all the technology is included inside. It does not require an Internet connection or be linked to a mobile phone . It's as simple as turning it on, pressing the button to speak, and waiting 0.2 seconds for the translation.

Regarding its autonomy, its managers assure that it lasts about three days, being used about 10 times a day. In any case, it charges like a mobile, with a microUSB to USB cable . So it is easy to recharge.