Dialects of Spanish, the online game that guesses where you are from

Dialects of Spanish, the online game that guesses where you are from with 26 questions

Are you at home browsing the Internet bored or boring? Do you want to have a fun time? We have discovered a web page / game with which you can spend some time distracted. It's called Dialects of Spanish and it's a game that tries to guess where from just taking into account the way you speak . To achieve this, he does a small test of 26 questions to find out our expressions on a day-to-day basis. We have to answer the questions reflecting how we normally speak, since it doesn't make much sense to deceive you.

The operation of the game is very simple. We just have to enter the website, read the brief explanation that we have at the beginning and click on the green button that says "Enter". Only with that we will begin to play.

The game consists of completing 26 sentences as we would if we were having a conversation . The idea is not to choose the correct option, all of them are. What we must do is choose the answer that is most natural for us.

game Spanish dialects questions

The duration of the game will depend on our speed when answering the questions. As we said, the test he gives us is made up of 26 questions. According to the creators of the game, it shouldn't take us more than 5 minutes to finish all the questions. Of course, we must read the questions well and pay attention to the accents of the words, because their intonation can vary the results.

The game is compatible with any dialect of Spanish . That includes the dialects that are spoken in South America, not just those of Spain.

Results, right?

Once the questions are completed we will have to enter some information about our person. Relax, just ask our gender, age, if we have studies and if we are native Spanish speakers. After filling in this small questionnaire, it will show us a map of the world with the result .

game Dialects of Spanish result

In my case it has given me as a first result that I am from Andalusia. As a second option, Canarias has given me and Galicia as a third. It has not been successful in any of the three, since I am from Valencia.

In addition to giving us the result, he urges us to tell you where we really are from by filling in a short questionnaire . Use this data to further refine the results.

In the office we have played four people and the truth is that he has only been successful once. So it is clear that he has a lot to polish yet. And to you, has he guessed where you are from?