5 online stores to buy food without leaving the sofa

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It is not laziness. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Or simply lack of time. Going to do the weekly shopping can be a real ordeal for some. You leave work and the only thing you want is to spend time with your family, your favorite hobby or just relax. Luckily, in the age of the Internet and online shopping, you have a lot of resources at your disposal that will make your life easier. It's very simple and will probably only cost you a few euros more (5 or 10, at most), which is usually the cost of shipping costs. Today we want to recommend five online stores to buy food without leaving the sofa .


1. Traditional supermarkets.

As you know, most traditional supermarkets have their own online store open . Thus, whether you live in a large city or a small town, you will have the opportunity to receive your most common products home without having to travel. Most offer home delivery service throughout the territory, but in others it is a little more limited ( Carrefour , Hipercor, Alcampo ), especially if there are no such establishments in your province. We have tried the online stores of other supermarkets such as Mercadona, Eroski or El Corte Inglés and they all work wonderfully. If you also want to get the best offers, we recommend Carritus: there are very interesting offers every week and they take it home in just 24 hours.


2. Mummum.

And what happens when you want to buy special products that you cannot find in a normal supermarket? Well, in that case we usually use Mumumío, an online site that includes a multitude of very particular foods, bought directly from the producer, both organic and with a designation of origin. Here you will find both organic pomegranate juice, cashew nuts with lemon lime or a wide selection of cheeses from around the world. To all this, Mumumío also we love because you can take home those typical products that we love and that only tests when you go to their place of origin. How about some Miguelitos de Roda ? And a Torta del Casar ?


3. Seleqto.

You are a gourmet . We have noticed. But being a gourmet does not mean that you have to go all over the city in search of that delicious thing that you want to offer to your guests. Nothing is further from reality. Now you have the opportunity to buy it online through Seleqto , an online site for gourmet products in which you will see organized all the foods by categories (wines, cheeses, hams and Iberian sausages, sweets and jams, etc.) or by brands.


4. El Amasadero.

And another curious store. If, in addition to being a good gourmet, you are also a magnificent baker (or you try), maybe it will be great to do your shopping at El Amasadero . On this site, as indicated, first aid for bakers, you will find all kinds of flours, molds and baking sheets. You can make all your purchases online and access a lot of tips and recipes to make bread, panettones, pizzas or fresh homemade pasta .


5. Sen food.

Ok, I do my shopping online, but ... when do I start cooking and making broths? If you are one of those who do not have time for anything, perhaps this last proposal will convince you more. Food Sen  is an online store of prepared food . You can choose between Adult, Children's or Diet menus (although the latter option is not active yet) and configure a weekly meal package that will save you a lot of time. It is very good that you can consult the ingredients used in the recipes , in addition to seeing all the nutritional contributions.

Have you ever bought in these stores? Tell us about your experience shopping online!