Explanation of the messages when consulting the 2017 Income Refund

Explanation of the messages when consulting the 2017 Income Refund

Until next June 30, you will have time to file the 2016 Income Statement . In this you have to account for all your income, expenses and other tax issues with the Tax Agency.

The first to have confirmed the draft will be (although it is not a mathematical matter), the first to receive the returns .

If you take longer and make changes to the draft, the return may take a little longer. In any case, the Tax Agency has until December 31 next. If they take longer to make the return, they would have to pay you the amount with interest.

Be that as it may, you can always be up to date on how the management of your return is progressing in the Tax Agency. You can do it through its page, through the browser. But also through mobile.

The statements of the return of the rent are not always clear, but they help us to have a reference of how long it may take to receive the amount resulting from the declaration in our account.

Next, we will tell you the meaning of the messages that appear when you consult the return of the 2017 Income .

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Messages when consulting the 2017 Income Refund

These are the messages that you can read if you check the status of the 2017 Income refund:

  • Your declaration is being processed . The Treasury already has in its possession the income statement that you have submitted, but has not yet made any review on it. Most likely, this is the state that appears to you as soon as you have presented it. And in the days after, until they are in charge of checking your statement
  • The declaration with the indicated amount has not been recorded or is in process. check the amount. Be careful, the return may not have been submitted correctly yet or there may be some kind of error in the submission process. The only thing we can recommend is that you verify your statement again. You can also consult with a manager or make an appointment. They can inform you at the offices of the Tax Agency.
  • Your declaration has been recorded and is being verified . At last. The Tax Agency technicians are reviewing your return. Don't worry, it is a routine process, the objective of which is to verify that everything is in order. If it is correct, your return will shortly move to the next state.
  • Your declaration has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, and the refund requested by you has been deemed in conformity . The declaration is approved by the body, so the return is ongoing. Now you just have to wait for your money to be returned. The most normal thing is that once that status appears, the return is expedited and you will soon receive the amount in your account.
  • Your return has been issued on X / X / XXXX; If in 10 days you have not received the amount, go to the delegation / administration of the Tax Agency corresponding to your tax address . The payment order is already given. In fact, in the upper part of the state you will see that your declaration has changed offices and that it is now in the one on Calle Lérida in Madrid. From there all payments are made, so the return should be in your account in just a few days.

However, you must bear in mind that these messages may suffer some variation. Especially in the phase that indicates that your declaration has been processed . If you have outstanding debts with the Tax Agency (fines, VAT payments, etc.) they may compensate your refund. Be that as it may, they will indicate it to you in this message.