How to change the photo that appears in my Gmail emails

How to change the photo that appears in my Gmail emails

Every time we receive an email from one of our Google contacts, it comes with the addition of showing a photo of the sender. A photo that, in the vast majority of cases, may be out of date. Perhaps you prefer to give a more modern air to your Gmail , editing the photos of your senders, which are more similar to how they are today than when Google simply collected them from the defunct Google+. To change the photo that appears in Gmail emails, you just have to do the following. They are very simple steps.

How to change contact photo in Gmail

The best and easiest way to change the photo of your Gmail contacts is to do it through your Android phone. To do this, we have to open the Gmail application and, in the side menu, in the 'Google Apps' section, we find the 'Contacts' section. Click on it. If you do not have the 'Contacts' application installed on your phone, a Google Play screen will appear to install it. Download and install it.

Once the 'Google Contacts' application is open, we go to the contact whose photo we want to change. Once the change is made, this will be the new contact profile photo for everything. In the contact profile tab, click on the pencil icon that we find in the lower right part of the screen. This is the contact edit screen. At the top we will see a small circle with the icon of a camera. We click and choose what to do: upload a photo from our gallery, take a photo at that moment or delete it.

Once the changes are saved, if the old photo of the contact continues to appear in the emails, we must clear the cache data of the application and close it from multitasking. Clearing the cache of an application is simple, we must go to the application settings, search for Gmail and, in its settings, delete the corresponding data. Then we access multitasking and eliminate it. We open it again and we will have the new contact photos in Gmail.

Modify a contact's photo on the PC

Now, if you prefer to change the photo of a contact through your computer , you must do the following steps.

First, go to Google's synced contacts page on its own link on the web. On this screen you can see your entire list of contacts, delete them, edit them, sort them by tags ... do everything you can think of with them. We are going to what interests you, which is to change your profile picture.

In each of the rows of contacts we have the name of the contact assigned to you in your agenda, their email and their phone number. If we place the mouse over it, three new icons will appear . The first is a star with which we will mark the contact as a favorite. The second is the one that interests us and is shaped like a pencil. If we press it, a new screen will open where we can modify the profile photo, by clicking on it.

contact edition

We can select a photo that we already have on the computer or upload a new one from an external device. Once modified, we give it to save and that's it.

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