55-inch Samsung QLED Q7F 2018, QLED with new design

55-inch Samsung QLED Q7F 2018, QLED technology with new design

Your Expert RecommendedIf you're interested in Samsung's new QLED TVs, but the Q9 and Q8 models are out of price, don't miss this review of the 2018 Samsung QLED Q7F . The Q7 series has been developed with the idea of ​​bringing the best of QLED technology to users looking for the best image quality, while spending a little less. In fact, the Samsung QLED Q7F incorporates all the novelties of this year, such as the new invisible cable, the Ambient Mode system or the integration with Samsung's SmartThings technology.

We will also have the image quality improvements that we saw last year, such as the metallic coated Quantum Dots . In addition to the incorporation of the HDR10 + system. All this in a beautiful and clean design, so characteristic of Samsung QLED televisions. The 2018 Samsung QLED Q7F has not yet arrived in Spain, but its price in the North American market is $ 1,900. That is, about 1,500 euros to change.

Data sheet Samsung QLED Q7F 2018

Diagonal55 inches (also available in 65 and 75 inches)
Resolution and technology4K Ultra HD, Quantum Dot, Motion Rate 240
Panel typeEdge-lit LED
SupportT-shaped metal base
Operating systemTizen tv
ControlOne Remote
Sound4.1 channels, 40W, Dolby
Connections4 HDMI, 3 USB, Ethernet, optical digital audio out
Wireless connectivityWiFi, Bluetooth
OthersAmbient Mode, SmartThings
Dimensions122.6 x 78.5 x 28.4 (with stand)
Weight20.4 kg (with stand)
Release dateApril 2018
Price1,900 dollars (about 1,500 euros)

Quantum Dot Technology

In depth Samsung QLED Q7F 2018 55 inch picture

This year Samsung wanted to reward users who choose the top-of-the-range models with the Full Array lighting system. However, this is only available on the Q9F and Q8F series. The Samsung QLED Q7F includes an Edge LED lighting system , the same one we saw on last year's models.

The use of Quantum Dot technology is maintained . Thanks to metallic coated quantum dots, the new QLEDs are capable of displaying 100% color volume . In other words, the television is capable of displaying the maximum level of detail in any circumstance.

With enhanced contrast and the Ultra Black Elite system , the new QLEDs achieve deep blacks. To aid in this task, an anti-reflective coating is included, which reduces the same drastically.

in depth Samsung QLED Q7F 2018 55 inch HDR

HDR images have also been improved. The Q HDR Elite system , in combination with HDR10 + technology , now offers a greater range of brightness and contrast.

On the other hand, this model also includes the Q Engine processor and the Motion Rate 240 system . The union of both achieves fluid images, even in the fastest scenes.

All this makes the Samsung QLED Q7F achieve the ULTRA HD PREMIUM certification from the UHD Alliance . In addition, Samsung QLED televisions meet the most demanding 4K UHD standards defined by the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association).

Sleek design with minor improvements

thoroughly Samsung QLED Q7F 2018 55 inches rear

Samsung's new QLED Q7F series sports a virtually identical design to last year's model . We only see slight changes at the rear. The metal base in the shape of a T is maintained, which gives all the prominence to the panel.

A single cable comes out from the back of the TV that includes everything you need. This year Samsung has improved its system and its single cable is capable of even powering the television . This cable is taken to the One Connect box, where we can connect all our devices.

Another novelty included in the 2018 Samsung QLED Q7F is the  Ambient Mode . This system camouflages the TV against the wall when it is not being used. It offers various decorative and informational modes, with the possibility of using the television as a painting or as an information system.

thoroughly Samsung QLED Q7F 2018 55 inch ambient mode

On the other hand, the Samsung QLED Q7F 2018 supports the “No Gap” system . This allows the TV to be hung on the wall quickly and easily. In addition, it will be practically glued to it, giving the feeling that we are facing a painting.

It is also compatible with Tower and Studio design bases . The latter allows us to place the television anywhere in the house, since it is like a kind of easel.

New Smarter Smart TV

Samsung's Smart TV system has been one of the best on the market for several years. However, the company continues to refine details and add functionality.

in depth Samsung QLED Q7F 2018 55 inch smart tv

For example, the new universal guide will allow us to search for content in all the applications available on the television. Thus, the same search will show us television programs, movies, sports or music.

In addition, the new QLED televisions become part of Samsung's SmartThings family of devices . Through the application of the same name, we can control all our devices and appliances.

The SmartThings application will also help us to make the initial configuration of the TV much easier . It will take the passwords of the services that we have configured on the mobile and it will pass them to the television.

On the other hand, the voice assistant is now smarter . We can search for content, browse the channels, control the volume and even ask questions like what the weather will be tomorrow. All this talking to the television.

Price and availability

Last year, the Samsung QLED Q7F was one of the most popular televisions among the public. It offered the vast majority of features of its older brothers, with a more competitive price.

thoroughly Samsung QLED Q7F 2018 55 inch price

This year it appears that Samsung will follow a similar strategy. Although, from what we have seen, the family will grow. But we will talk about that in a future article.

As we mentioned at the beginning, at the moment we do not have the prices in the Spanish market. But we do know what Samsung's new QLED TVs will cost in America. The 55-inch Samsung QLED Q7F is on sale in the North American country for $ 1,900. The price in euros, with a direct conversion, would be around 1,500 euros . However, as soon as we have the official prices in Spain we will update the information.