TeamViewer, 10 simple tricks to squeeze all the juice out of this tool

TeamViewer, 10 simple tricks to squeeze all the juice out of this tool

TeamViewer is advanced software that allows remote access to other computers, and best of all, it is a free tool. This application is very useful if you want to help your friend solve a problem, or be the one to solve it for you. In this article we see the 10 best tricks to improve the usability of TeamViewer .

The TeamViewer application has become very popular lately for all the options it offers . In addition to using it to solve problems, it is also very useful when making meetings, online conferences, transferring files to other users, and even printing documents or turning on computers remotely.

An advantage is that it is available for Windows and Mac , so there are many users that can benefit. Our 10 tricks will help you get much more out of this great tool. You want to know more? Keep reading.

Record sessions automatically

TeamViewer offers users the ability to record sessions so they can watch them later , which is great. This can be an important help in not forgetting important things that have been said in a meeting, for example. It will also help you to see how your friend has solved a problem on your PC.

To activate it, you just have to go to the "Extra" tab at the top, then access "Options", "Meeting" and check the option "Record meeting automatically" . From now on, all the sessions you start will be recorded without you having to do anything else.

Remote restart of computers

Another cool feature that the software offers is the ability to remotely restart a computer . In addition, it has the advantage that the connection established with the PC you are going to restart is not lost, but will remain connected after restarting. We know that many problems that appear on a PC are solved with just a restart, surely this function will get you out of more than one trouble.

Restart from TeamViewer

Remote file printing

We continue with the possibilities that TeamViewer offers remotely. Its remote printing functionality will be greatly appreciated by many of our readers. This will allow you to print the files that you have hosted on a computer located several kilometers from you, for example, or print a document from one of your contacts.

TeamViewer remote printing

It is especially useful when it comes to documentation that cannot be mailed. It will also allow you to use your office printer from home so you have everything ready when you get to work tomorrow.

File transfer

There are many types of files that cannot be mailed . It is true that there are online tools to share files, but why not use the TeamViewer that you already have installed? As we can see, the possibilities of this software are amazing.

Share TeamViewer files

Wake on Lan

Have you left your office computer turned off and need to access it? No problem, TeamViewer offers you the Wake on Lan functionality that is implemented in all motherboards on the market. Thanks to this function, you will not have to have someone turn on the office PC for you , you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Two-step authentication

The world we live in is increasingly digital, which makes security always a priority. TeamViewer offers endless possibilities, so it could be a problem if someone manages to access your account. Luckily, the tool offers the option of using two-step authentication, in this way you will have greater security that no one touches anything without your permission. Once you have logged in, it will send you a secret key to do the second identity check.

TeamViewer authentication 2 steps 1

VPN to improve security

This is another important measure for safety. TeamViewer includes a VPN tool that creates an anonymous data connection between connected computers. This ensures that no one connected to the same main network can access the information shared in your meetings or the transferred files.

VPN TeamViewer

Simultaneous sessions

TeamViewer is a tool that allows you to have more than one session open at the same time. If you thought that I would imitate you to only one meeting at a time, you were wrong. This means that you can connect to more than one PC at the same time from the application client .

Once you have the first active session, you only need to click on the "+" icon that you will see in the upper bar to establish a second connection. You will see that each of the sessions opens in a different tab, which makes switching between them very convenient. TeamViewer does not limit the number of sessions you can have at the same time, it will be the capabilities of your PC and your network that will tell you how far you can go .

Simultaneous TeamViewer 1 sessions

Use voice chat to communicate

Are you controlling a remote PC and you suddenly have the urge to talk to the person on the other end? Don't worry, TeamViewer includes a complete chat tool so you can communicate without problems.

The possibilities go far beyond a traditional text chat, as this great tool also gives you the option of using a voice over IP call, and even video conferences . Thanks to this, you will be able to communicate in the best possible way without the need to resort to your smartphone or other tools

In the "Communicate" option at the top of the window you will find all the connection possibilities.

Use voice chat to communicate in TeamViewer 1

Use TeamViewer from the browser

The creators of TeamViewer have thought of everything, if you thought that the application was the only way to use the service you were very wrong . Imagine that you are traveling and need to use the tool, you have left your laptop at home or the one you carry does not have the application installed.

TeamViewer remote use

You don't need to waste time installing it. TeamViewer makes a web client available to users so that they can always use it in the most comfortable way possible. The only thing you should bear in mind is that the connection through the web browser requires that you have Adobe Flash installed.

So far our special article of the 10 best tricks for TeamViewer, we hope you find them very useful.

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