How to make only group administrators can send messages on WhatsApp

How to make only group administrators can send messages on WhatsApp

Do you know the latest WhatsApp news? The developer of the most popular messaging service has added an option for administrators of WhatsApp groups. And now they can choose to have them send all the messages to that group. In this way, they can be more organized or avoid possible mess and group discussions. Are you an administrator and want to configure this option? In this small guide we teach you how to configure WhatsApp so that only administrators can send messages on both WhatsApp for iOS and Android.


So you can configure the option in Android.

To be able to choose the possibility that only the administrator of the group writes, go to the one you want to modify. Click on the name of the upper area to enter the members and settings section. You will see an option that says "group settings". Once inside, two options will appear. The first allows us to modify who can edit in the group, change the name, profile image or description. The second option is the one that interests us. Enter "send messages" and you will see how a new floating window appears with two options. Choose the second one so that only administrators can write. The changes will be saved automatically.


So you can do it from iOS.

Notice of modifications for the whole group

We must emphasize that the group will be able to notice that the modification has been configured  so that only administrators can send messages. Those who are not administrators will not be able to write in the text box, nor send audio messages, not even multimedia files or documents. It is a special option for different circumstances. For example, for organizing events, groups for reminders etc. Remember that an administrator can also make another user delegate of the group and in the event that the creator left, another user would become the administrator