10 cheap gifts you can buy on Joom or Wish for Christmas

10 cheap gifts you can buy on Joom or Wish for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with it come days of celebrations and gifts. If you have to do a lot, you can take advantage to buy them on Joom and Wish. These two online stores ship from China at really good prices. In addition, in each of them you can find articles of all kinds. There are sections of products for the home, beauty, clothing, technology, jewelry ... Of course, keep in mind that, since orders can take about two weeks to arrive, it is best that you already make a selection of gifts to have them in your hands the day you are going to deliver them.

If you get lost among the hundreds of items on Joom or Wish, don't worry. We have prepared 10 cheap gifts that you can buy in either of these two stores for Christmas.

1. Smart bracelet

A smart bracelet can be a good gift for your partner or a family member. In Joom we have located one for only 5 euros in black or gray. It offers some of the features available in others that are triple the price, such as a heart rate monitor or step counter. This smartband also has a 0.42-inch OLED-type screen. In addition, it allows you to monitor your sleep during the night to control its quality. There is no lack of bluetooth (4.0) to synchronize the bracelet with the mobile (Android or iOS) and thus be able to know if we have any important notifications, or alarm clock.


To all this must be added that it is waterproof and has a 45 mAh battery , capable of granting a standby autonomy of up to a month.

2. Cats wall sticker

Do you know someone who likes cats a lot? In that case, a good gift can be this original wall sticker to place in any room in the house. They are perfect on a white wall, stairwell or next to the desk to add a fun and cheerful design to the place.

christmas gifts

The price is only 2 euros and there are positive comments about them, so it seems that they are not going to take off at the first exchange.

3. Drone

To get started in the world of drones, on Wish they sell one for 25 euros with a flight autonomy of 10 minutes maximum. It is perfect to give to someone who is interested in this field , but has not yet wanted to take the step of spending money on a larger device. The comments are all positive, and they ensure that it is a very good value for money.


You can choose the drone in three colors: black, red or white. The distance it reaches to control it is approximately 100 meters and it offers a 400 mAh battery.

4. Bluetooth headphones

For only 2 euros you can buy these bluetooth headphones (version 4.1) on Wish, perfect for listening to music or talking while doing sports or walking. They are compatible with Android or iOS, and according to the comments, they have good audio quality and are ergonomic.

Bluetooth headphones

With regard to autonomy, they have a 60 mAh battery, which promises a maximum of 3 hours listening to music or talking and about 100 hours on standby. The time it takes to charge is estimated at about 2 hours.

5. Tea filter

Tea accessories have become very fashionable. If you have many fans of this drink among your friends or family, a good idea to give this Christmas is a filter in the shape of a unicorn made of silicone. Its price in Joom is 4 euros and it is very easy to use.

Tea filter

You just have to open the figure and fill with the infusion of your choice to insert it later in the cup. It will give snacks or breakfasts a really fun touch, as you can see in the image.

6. External battery

Having an external battery never hurts, especially if your mobile does not reach the full day without having to go through the plug. On Wish there are several models to give or give yourself for just one euro . This one in particular has a capacity of 2,600 mAh and a resistant design.

Extreme battery

It has a USB port to charge all kinds of devices: mobiles, tablets, MP3 ... In addition, it is available in various colors so you can choose the one you like the most.

7. Mermaid tail blanket

There is nothing better than giving practical gifts. This mermaid tail blanket can be perfect for your mother, sister, partner or a friend, to make the winter that is coming a warmer season.


It costs 8 euros in Joom, although there are others that are worth about 18 euros and it seems that they have a better quality. It already depends on the price you want to spend. You can choose it in various colors.

8. Pet sweatshirt

And because our pets also deserve a gift for Christmas, what better way than to buy the dog a sweatshirt to keep him warm during the winter? Thus, walks on the street will be less complicated on colder or rainier days.

mascot sweatshirt

On Wish we have located some sweatshirts for only one euro. It is possible to choose the size depending on the size of our dog or the color of the clothes.

9. Mini tripod

A portable mini tripod is the perfect accessory for capturing more stable and higher quality photos. In addition, it allows you to take photos in groups or landscapes from other perspectives. For only 2 euros you have one in Joom (compatible with Canon or Nikon cameras).


Its spherical head allows easy rotation. In addition, its compact and manageable size gives us the possibility of taking it with us wherever we go, on trips or outings.

10. Vinyl clock

In Joom and Wish we can also find classic watches and others with a more modern design. This is the case that we have found in Joom for only 2 euros and whose sphere simulates a vinyl. It is perfect to give to a music lover or anyone who is a fan of this format.

Vinyl clock

The strap is available in various colors and has an acceptable quality, according to what users who have already purchased this product comment on in the opinions.