6 apps to buy cheap food that is left over in shops and restaurants

6 apps to buy cheap food that is left over in shops and restaurants

It is estimated that more than a third of all the food produced in the world ends up in the garbage can . If we focus on our country, each Spaniard wastes an average of 250 euros per year. This fact takes on a more dire look, if possible, if we take into account that 820 million people go hungry on the planet. Almost one eighth of the world's population .

Surplus food in stores, supermarkets, bars and restaurants around the world creates an immense amount of waste. Therefore, from Tuexperto, we say that the time has come to put an end to it .

How? With the following list  of apps to buy leftover food, we, the users, as well as the establishments, will be able to buy and sell food, which would otherwise be thrown away. And of course, at very affordable prices.

Take a look at the following selection of apps, and together we will help make every food produced a food consumed. We started!

Nor the crumbs

Nor the crumbs

This circular economy project aims to use new technologies to help reduce the impact of food waste . Its application allows you to put in contact with places of all kinds (bars, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops ...) that have food in good condition, but difficult to get out, because it is not freshly made or is close to the expiration date.

The idea is that by sacrificing some freshness of these foods, we can obtain a better price and thus help fight against food waste and climate change. In addition, as a note in favor of local commerce , this type of services invites the user to visit neighborhood stores, compared to the home delivery model so booming.

You have it available on both iOS and Android.



We Save Eat is another mobile app that serves as a connection point between businesses and consumers to dispose of surplus food at reduced prices. In this way, discounts of up to 70% on its market value can be achieved .

Its operation is very simple. Every day the associated businesses publish their food surpluses through the application, which users (or Savers as they call themselves on the platform) can buy at a very reduced price .

Although its interface can be improved, making navigation a bit difficult, the platform already has thousands of subscribers and establishments distributed between Madrid and Barcelona mainly. You can get it for Android and iOs.

too good to go

Too Good to Go

This promising European startup has developed a tool with which users and establishments can buy and sell food, which would end up in the garbage container. The App is present in more than 8 European countries, including Spain, and has associated more than 32,000 establishments .

As for the number of users, the app already has more than 12 million people and rising . Depending on our location, it will tell us which establishments are closest to us and, best of all, at really low prices.

According to its creators, this is more than an app, it is a whole social movement under the slogan #Lacomidanosetira. You can be part of it through its app for Android or iOs.



Surely you have already guessed. Tapper is an app created to reduce food waste ... but it goes much further. Its leaders have also created the Food, Savings, Conscience Association, a platform that promotes the responsible consumption of food , the use of resources and the search for greater awareness in society to seek alternative consumption.

Of course, it also has the typical functions of this type of service . We just have to download the app, find what stores are near our position and pick up the order at the set time. Available on Android.


I don't waste

A network that collaborates in reducing food waste by sharing what you are not going to consume, but here the user is the center of all exchanges. The idea behind this app is to put in contact with those people who want to share the food that they will not be able to consume . No restaurants or supermarkets, here the protagonist is you.

Anyone who wants to join the initiative to reduce food waste and adopt new consumption guidelines, can do so comfortably by registering as a user and start offering or acquiring surplus food . Available for Android.

nice to eat you

Nice to eat you

The last app on our list is designed so that restaurants and supermarkets can offer reduced prices when their food stocks are close to expiring .

In this way, as with the rest of the apps on this list, food waste is fought while enjoying quality food. We all win because establishments reduce their waste, and users discover new places and save money .

Users of the app will receive an alert with the different nearby offers based on their location. Thanks to the geolocation system of our devices, we will not have to travel too far since there will always be a nearby point where to buy food .

You can access its web-app to register for free and make your purchase online in less than 10 minutes. As soon as the store has confirmed your order, you can pick it up at the store with your receipt.

These are our recommended apps to reduce food waste and join forces against mass food production that puts in jeopardy the sustainability of the planet . Remember that the correct use of food greatly reduces the CO2 emissions necessary to produce new food products.

We no longer have excuses to join in the savings and stop throwing food away . The revolution is in the palm of your hand. You will eat at reduced prices while helping to save the environment. And you, which one has convinced you the most?