Mega, how to find songs, movies and shared files

Sample of a Mega file

Mega is the successor to Megaupload , developed by the controversial founder of this service, which became one of the most used tools on the web. Kim Dotcom has returned to the fore with this network storage system. Mega has several features that make it an interesting alternative, such as its 50 GB capacity in the free account or the speed with which file downloads are carried out . We tell you how to search for files such as songs or movies through this platform.

In a previous article we talked about how to share files with other contacts. However, if we are looking for a specific file that does not have any of our contacts, there are alternatives that can be quite useful. Keep in mind that Mega does not have an internal search engine, since files uploaded to the network are encrypted so that only users with the password can access them. Therefore, it is necessary to use external search engines that contain links to download files that users of the service have decided to share.

We have chosen two search engines that can be useful to find the files we want. The first one is . This page is entirely fed by the links to files that users have uploaded to this website, and currently has more than 14,000 files. It must be taken into account that a couple of weeks ago Mega took down a large number of the links that appeared on this service. The Dotcom team considered that the way the files were being shared was against Mega's terms of use (in addition, the site used the service's own logo), so it is likely that the number of available links will increase quickly.

Mega, how to find songs, movies and shared files 1

The advantages of this site is that we can search by type of file ( music, ISO images, videos ... ), by number of downloads or by the "Likes" that these links have received. All this in a very agile way. In addition, the downloads are made without waiting and without advertising, something that is much appreciated.

Because it still contains few links after the crash, we wanted to bring a second option. It is the well-known Filestube site , which serves as a search engine for a large number of storage services.

To search for a file in Mega , you must click on the "advanced search" option that appears to the right of the search box. Within this menu we open the dropdown to the right site and selected . We can also determine the file extension ( MP3 is the most common for songs and MKV and AVI for movies) and the file size range. Once inside the search results, click on the name of the file and then on the small download button under the box where it says “Download Now from Mega”.All other links lead to other sites and to advertising. Have you found any other site to find and download Mega files ?