How much do the most famous youtubers on the net earn?

youtube money

Forbes magazine is known for ranking the richest people in the world . In these lists we generally find athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs , but as the market is constantly evolving, we now have to take into account other more recent professions that generate a huge amount of money around them. We are talking about youtubers . Thus, although many parents still do not understand very well how it can be that their children will pay those amounts by making videos of themselves and upload them to the Internet, the truth is that their influence is undeniable networks as well aspayments generated accordingly.


For this reason, Forbes has made a specific list of the highest paid youtubers in the world . At number one we find the PewDiePie channel , run by the Swedish gamer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg . It has more than 50 million subscribers and generated 14 million euros this last year . His book "This Book Loves You" sold 112,000 copies , which shows that his influence is not limited only to the Internet. At number two is the comedian Roman Atwood , with an annual gross of 7.5 million euros , and thirdput the rapper Lilly Singh , who generated 7 million euros in 2016 . As an interesting fact, in the entire list of 10 there is only one Spanish speaker , the Chilean Germán Garmendia in position seven , with 5 million euros generated this year. We are talking then about monthly payments ranging from  half a million to a million euros. These amounts may be far from the 77 million per year that Cristiano Ronaldo generates , but they are still dizzying amounts . If you want to visit the entire list , you can do it in theForbes page .

YouTube as reality

In the 12 years that YouTube has been running, it has been possible to see a transformation of the medium towards enormous monetization, much more than other streaming companies such as Spotify . The figure of the youtuber has gone from representing a mere hobby to a profession,  with the aim of expanding its influence even more. Using video with high resolution phones has transformed the business, and in just 5 years , most viewed videos have gone from having 1 or 2 million visits have hundreds of millions. It is less and less news that a video goes viral, since there are many viral videos traveling the Internet simultaneously every week. And if you use the monetization of visits, the calculations give results like the ones you have seen before.

elrubius youtuber 01

The Spanish case

Although Forbes has not wanted to address the Spanish issue, we have not been able to resist the temptation to investigate a little to know some of the richest YouTubers on our national scene. We highlight three: the one known as e lrubiusOMG  (pseudonym of Rubén Doblas Gurdensen) is the best known. It has 20 million subscribers and an annual fortune of 2.5 million , about 200,000 a month.  He started out as just a gamer but his fame has led him to become a media figure , appear in advertisements and even write books .

Nearby we find VEGETTA777,  alias of the gamer Samuel de Luque, who reaches 16 million subscribers on his channel, from which he generates 600,000 euros per year , about 50,000 euros per month . As a third reference we would have AuronPlay , Raúl í lvarez, who has a not inconsiderable 4.5 million YouTube subscribers  and generates up to 120,000 euros a year , 10,000 a month . So parents, you know, if your son tells you that wants to be youtuber , let him try it at the least, may end up keeping the whole family.