All camera modes of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

All camera modes of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

It is, without a doubt, Samsung's spearhead for the mid-range. The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is a smartphone with many attractive features. Among them, a waterproof design, an excellent battery , a good technical section to deal with all Android games and apps ...

But, in addition, the camera section of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 also leaves an excellent taste in the mouth. Two 16 megapixel lenses with very good performance for their price of 420 euros. We have gathered in this article all camera modes of the Galaxy A5 .

samsung galaxy a5 2017 rear camera

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 comes with up to nine different modes for its rear camera

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Camera Modes (Rear Camera)

camera modes samsung galaxy a5 2017

These are all the main camera modes of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 uses a 16 megapixel lens with an aperture of f / 1.9 . This value is key to getting very bright photos in dark scenes. In addition, it also highlights its double LED flash. The only but of this camera is the absence of an IOS image stabilizer. That causes some photos to be blurred, especially if you don't have a good pulse.


It is the mode for users who do not want to break their heads. Here, it is the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017's own camera that selects the settings that it considers will give us the best photo. Generally works well, although in some scenes (such as dark environments) it is worth tinkering with other modes a bit more.


The ideal mode for people who want more control. Of course, with somewhat limited options for what we are used to seeing. With this mode, you can only control ISO values ​​(up to ISO-800), white balance or light exposure .

samsung galaxy a5 2017 rear camera

Some of the most interesting camera modes are Pro, panorama or animated GIF mode.


There is no doubt that it is a very interesting resource if we want to take photos of landscapes.


A mode that perfectly reflects the world we live in. And it is that with this tool you can create videos that accelerate ten times the normal rhythm of the scenes. Although we have missed being able to choose other speeds.


This is the mode that we liked the most by far from the camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. Ideal for obtaining very colorful and spectacular photos in sunsets  and scenes with high contrast.


Night mode enhances photos taken in low-light environments by brightening images. Despite being an interesting camera tool on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, it sometimes gives unflattering results.


Another function that is common to see in a mid-high-end terminal. This mode is used to make food photos more appetizing by focusing the focus on a circle  that we can move along the screen. In addition, the option to change the size of said circle is also offered , something that is not usually usual and that will give a lot of play.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 animated GIF

Interface to create an animated GIF on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

ANIMATED GIF (Downloaded)

Without a doubt, one of the funniest features of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 camera. Here a burst of up to 20 photos is taken which are then turned into an animated GIF. Also, afterwards we can choose the frames that will be part of the GIF, their aspect ratio or the speed with which they will pass.

SPORTS (Downloaded)

Finally, we have the sports mode , designed for photos that want to immortalize sports moments.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 photo gallery

Selfie camera modes of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

samsung galaxy a5 selfie camera

View of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 front camera modes

The selfie camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has a lens with a resolution of 16 megapixels. More important still is the fact that it reaches an aperture of f / 1.9, a value that ensures brighter images in dark environments . Of course, on the contrary, it seemed to us that this camera takes less wide photos than one would expect. Something that we will notice when taking group photos.


The way that every selfie lover wants to have on their mobile. As expected, the front camera of the Samsung mobile incorporates this mode to facilitate taking quality selfies. Of course, we could not miss the beauty mode to soften our features and improve the final photo.


A curious function to prevent someone from being left out of our group photos. This mode works the same as panning on the main camera. Of course, it is somewhat more complex to achieve an optimal result by having to move the mobile and at the same time maintain the pose.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 front camera

There are four different modes for the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017


As in the main camera, a specific mode for night photos.


We love that Samsung has incorporated this mode in the secondary camera as well. Ideal to take our funniest creations to social networks.