Cómo girar solo una página en Word


Microsoft Word es un procesador de textos que nos permite cambiar la orientación de nuestros documentos de vertical a horizontal de una forma muy sencilla, aunque tiene el inconveniente de que esta función voltear a todas las páginas de nuestro documento de forma predeterminada. Te enseñamos a poner en horizontal una sola página de Word de una forma muy sencilla.

Un defecto que le encontrado Microsoft Word es que cuando intentamos poner una página en horizontal, se nos cambian todas las páginas del archivo, algo que puede ser bastante molesto si solo queremos girar una página, o hacer una mezcla de páginas en vertical y horizontal.

The process that we are going to show you to put a single page of Word horizontally, is used for all modern versions of this word processor, specifically you can use it from Word 2007.

Lay out a single Word page

The first step we need to do is open a Word document that contains multiple pages.

Once we have our Word document open, we go to the page that we want to put horizontally and place the mouse cursor at the beginning of that page.

Now we go to the " Layout " tab . The next step is to click a little arrow in the lower right corner of this section of the Word menu, which is called Page Setup . In the following image or we point out exactly where this arrow is, it is quite small.

rotate only one page in Word 2rotate only one page in Word 1

Now a new window will open from which you can configure only the page that you have selected with the mouse cursor. Among the options offered by the tool, you will find the possibility of putting this page horizontally without affecting the rest of the document.

rotate only one page in Word 03

rotate only one page in Word 4

This tool also allows us to modify some other aspects related to the page that we have selected. From here we can change the margins of this single page without affecting the rest of the document, as well as other options as interesting as changing the size of the page.

It is a very advanced tool that offers a large number of options, which will delight the most experienced users.

Here ends our tutorial on how to rotate a single page in Word. Remember that you can share the post with your friends, to help more users who need it.