Why am I getting so much spam in Gmail Inbox

Why am I getting so much spam in Gmail Inbox

Gmail is giving the evening (or the morning) to more than one. Has it happened to you too? Suddenly more than a dozen spam messages have slipped into our email inbox. And we are not the only ones, not at all. It seems that in recent hours - although the truth is that in other times the same thing has also happened to us - some spam messages have crept into the Inbox of the Gmail mail.

This usually happens during a short period of time: a series of emails sneak out of the spam tray, so that they are scattered throughout the inbox and those of notifications or promotions. This can be very annoying. Because if you have an email address for a long time, it is very likely that the amount of spam that ends up in your main inboxes is truly large. And therefore annoying.

But is there anything we can do to correct this drift? In reality, the correct management of spam depends on the tools that Google and Gmail use, but you can take some step so that this does not happen again and spam does not flood your inbox again. Let's take a deep look at what happens and how to fix it.


Gmail and its own spam filter

Although you receive a lot of spam (this is the daily bread in any email account, even more so if it is already a few years old), in principle you should not notice anything at all in Gmail. Google has its own filters, so most messages have to go to spam. There they spend a maximum period of 30 days and from there they are directly eliminated. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the spam folder , since it is not uncommon for a message that interests us to sneak in there.

You have to rescue that message as soon as possible, moving it from the Spam tray to the Inbox . In this way, we ensure (in principle) that emails from this sender do not fall back to Spam.

So you have to understand that the filter is not infallible. And exactly the same thing happens with Spam, that instead of going to the folder that corresponds to it, it can end in Received . What to do in this case? Well, very easy, mark it as Spam. Just open the email and click on the exclamation point icon. It will automatically go to spam and, in principle, you should not receive any other messages from this sender.

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Why do spam filters fail?

If this is a specific problem, there is not much to worry about either. As we have indicated, the Gmail filters for spam do not work perfectly and errors can sometimes occur. But if you suddenly see an avalanche of spam coming to your inbox, watch out:

  • Have you recently signed up for a questionable service?
  • Have you downloaded an application that asked for your data?
  • Have you entered your address on an unofficial or insecure site?

Ask yourself all these questions. If you don't see anything unusual, it is also possible that your email address was stolen in some hacker attack . The most recommended thing in this case is, in addition to adding good filters for spam (marking junk messages). You can do it from the Settings section> Filters and blocked addresses. Click on Create a filter to be more specific in managing spam. You can configure it to your liking and thus avoid more avalanches.

On the other hand, it will not hurt to change the password to access your email. Do it regularly to avoid more serious scares.