Wismichu rolls it again, that's why it's a trend on Twitter

Wismichu rolls it again, that's why it's a trend on Twitter

Wismichu has made it back on Twitter. It is not the first time that this youtuber has become a trend on the social network due to her unfortunate comments. In this case, related to confinement by the coronavirus. The State of Alarm continues in Spain due to the Covid-19 crisis. One of the measures of this decree is the limitation of the free movement of people. In other words, we cannot leave the house except for essential tasks, such as going shopping, to the pharmacy or to work. Most users have accepted these rules in order to avoid the spread of the virus, but others seem to not cope well enough.

Wismichu has posted a series of tweets defending those people who skip lockdown. Specifically, it said that if she wanted to go out for air because she was overwhelmed, she would go out. To top it off, the tweet kept mentioning that he was spending enough time at home, and working for his followers. The youtuber has deleted the Tweets from his account, but you can read them here.


After deleting the posts, you have commented that it was a friend of yours who sent those messages . His friend has responded to that same publication claiming that it was a joke for a video, and that soon we will be able to see the recordings to verify that it was a joke towards the Galician youtuber. Even so, users on Twitter have shown their indignation, since it is not the first time that it has gone viral due to a controversy.

Obviously, needless to say, I am totally against the tweets that Ricky has made from my account. Guys, respect the quarantine. Those who follow me already know my real opinion on the subject. Peace and love. //t.co/2LZqlmXjTW

- Isma (@Wismichu) March 27, 2020

The problem is that it is perfectly credible that you would have written it, mind you

- IscOut (@thePrg_) March 27, 2020

Even if it was a simple joke, it can be in very bad taste. As of today, there are almost 5,000 deaths due to the coronavirus in Spain and the entire country is in a State of Alarm to prevent the spread of the virus and the collapse of the health system. Many users have lost their jobs due to company closures and have had to close their businesses.

At the moment, Wismichu has not apologized for the unfortunate joke.