Samsung JS9000, curved 4K UHD TVs up to 65 inches

Samsung JS9000

Your Expert-RecommendThe Samsung JS9000 are one of the new ranges of high-end Samsung televisions for 2015. Models that will be available in 48, 55 and 65-inch formats and sporting the curved format with which the company has reinforced its dominance of the market. As expected, these models will bet on the UHD 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, but they also incorporate the brand's own technologies that bring the level of color detail ten times higher than a traditional panel. And all this with Samsung's Tizen operating system, which will allow you to enjoy a more agile and complete interface when using all the Smart TV functions. We still do not know their prices or official departure dates, but we already have their main technical characteristics in our hands. We tell you everything in an in-depth analysis.

Samsung JS9000

Image and 3D

One of the great novelties with which the new Samsung televisions arrive is their Nano Crystal Color technology . According to the Korean company, the use of these nanocrystals offers us a wider range of colors that creates a richer viewing experience that is closer to what the content creator was looking for when recording. In addition, its 64bit panel promises up to 64 times more color than a traditional LED panel and reaches twice the brightness of a traditional screen ( 1,000 nits ). Also of note is the Auto Depth Enhancer technology, which was already available on previous year models. Its operation consists of analyzing the elements that appear on the screen to enhance the contrast of the objects that appear in the foreground and attenuate the contrast of those that are in the background. Thanks to this, you get an effect close to 3D without glasses and a richer experience in movies and videos.

How could it be otherwise, on Samsung JS900 televisions we will enjoy the powerful 4K UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This resolution multiplies by four the level of detail of traditional Full HD panels and has become one of the great assets of manufacturers in recent years. Aware that there is still not much content that is displayed natively at this resolution, Samsung has also incorporated a powerful engine to scale the images and create a superior experience even in low quality content. The image processor is eight-core.In addition to the Auto Depth Enhancer technology that we have talked about in the previous paragraph, the Samsung TV also includes 3D functionality as standard so that we can enjoy movies with a three-dimensional effect. We can even choose to use the 2D to 3D content converter to give a new look to the usual movies and series, although of course, the same quality will never be achieved as with native content.

Samsung JS9000

Layout and formats

Samsung has become the main player in the commercialization of curved televisions. Only in Spain, the company sells 90% of televisions with this format (according to data from last year). The Samsung JS9000 range continues to bet on this design that offers several advantages to the user. On the one hand, more compact designs are achieved that fit better in the living room furniture. Moreover, the curve of these panels simulates the way our vision is constructed.Thanks to this, we will have a more immersive and natural experience and the eyes will be less fatigued. It has also been emphasized that these televisions have a wider ideal viewing angle than flat televisions. Of course, the vision worsens a lot if we are cornering, so it is not about models designed for environments such as bars. Its design uses metallic silver with vertical stripes on the back to create a more elegant look and a metallic base with a very modern touch. In addition, as we are used to seeing in the high-end models of the Korean firm, the size of the frames has been reduced to the maximum. The 65-inch Samsung JS9000 has dimensions of 146.4 x 91.5 x 36.6 centimetersand a weight of 33 kilos.

This range will be available in three different formats, the 48-inch (Samsung UE48JS9000), the 55-inch (Samsung UE55JS9000) and the 65-inch (Samsung UE65JS9000).

Samsung JS9000

Smart tv

One of the most important novelties of Samsung's smart TVs of this 2015 is the inclusion of its Tizen operating system . A platform that is available on some of its mobiles and its smart bracelets and watches and that promises a more agile use of TV features. For example, we will have a quick access screen with a single click to the most interesting apps . But perhaps, the most outstanding aspect of Tizen is the ease with which we can synchronize a smartphone or tablet and control the TV from the device or stream content. Thanks to WiFi Direct,this connection will be made in a few seconds. Be that as it may, we look forward to having this platform in our hands to discover all the new possibilities it opens up. The use of this platform will also bring a new premium metallic remote control.

Samsung JS9000

Connections and sound

Within the connections we will have a complete set. This television has a double tuner, a feature that is very useful when recording the contents of one channel while we are watching a different one. This recording can be done through one of the three USB ports included in the Samsung JS9000 series equipment (through an external memory). We also have four different HDMI ports to connect equipment such as game consoles or laptops, a component input and a composite input. As expected, we can enjoy the Internet via  WiFi or an Ethernet cable  .

In the field of sound, the Asian company has deployed a system composed of two 10W woofers together with two 20W speakers , for a total power of 60W . In principle, it should give us quality surround sound, although to make the most of the possibilities of this TV it is advisable to get a home cinema.

Samsung JS9000


At the moment we do not have an official release date or price for these televisions in Spain. The Samsung JS9000 are a sample of the constant evolution that this business is experiencing in the Korean company. And it is that these televisions will release a new operating system with a more agile handling , the technology of nanocrystals in the panel to improve the color reproduction and even a new metallic remote control to face all the available functionalities. All this with the curved format that has become a hallmark of the Korean firm and with a powerful image processor to create a first-rate image experience with 4K resolution.

Samsung JS9000

ModelSamsung JS9000


Size48, 55 and 65 inches
Resolution4K UHD 5,120 x 2160 pixels
Frequency2,000 Hz
TechnologiesNano Crystal Color, 10bit panel, Auto Depth Enhancer, Precision Black
3DYes, active, 2D to 3D content conversion


Dimensions1,464.6 x 915.7 x 366 mm (65-inch model)
Weight33.1 kilos (65-inch model)
ColorsSilver aluminum design

Smart tv

AppsOperating system Tizen, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, TV on demand, Yomvi
ControlsStandard controller, Premium controller with pointer, Voice control, Gesture control
Mobile connectionYes, control through mobile phones and tablets


Speakers2 x 10W Woofer

2 x 20W center speakers

SystemDTS Premium Sound 5.1


TunerDouble tuner
Connectors1 x Component In (Y / Pb / Pr), Composite In (AV)
Wi-Fi DirectYes

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Release date-
Manufacturer's websiteSamsung

Price to be confirmed