How to see the best-rated restaurants on Google Maps

Restaurants Google Maps

You arrive in a new city. You don't have any reference and you start diving on Google Maps to see if you find an interesting restaurant . Good pretty and cheap. But nothing, you type on your computer or mobile and sites and more sites appear whose quality is not entirely clear to you. It is true that you can use TripAdvisor , but you have to have the application installed (especially if you want to read the full reviews)… Did you know that in Google Maps you can also see only the best rated restaurants? It's easy, fast, and you don't need anything more than to access Google maps. If you want to find the best of the best in gastronomy in any city in the world, follow the instructions that we offer below.

Google Maps Restaurants

How to see the top rated restaurants on Google Maps from your mobile

Unless you're in the office or working on your laptop, you'll most likely check this information on the go and on your mobile. To see the best rated restaurants on Google Maps you have to do the following:

1. Turn on the mobile and access the Google maps application (Maps) .

2. Then, inside the search box, enter “restaurants” and the name of the city that corresponds. For example, "Barcelona Restaurants" . Click on the magnifying glass icon, located right next to it.

3. You will see that a list of restaurant results appears at random , but what interests us is to find the best ones. At the bottom of the screen you will see that a filter is included. Click here and indicate the desired minimum grade . If you want to see the best restaurants, of course, you will have to click on the 4-star icon.

4. When you have made the selection (the box will be marked in blue) you will have to click on Apply .

5. Automatically, the list of restaurants will be reordered and the best restaurants in the city you have chosen will be shown, in this case  Barcelona . Do the same with the city where you are or where you would like to go.

Google Maps Restaurants barcelona

6. Click on the restaurant that interests you to see information such as the type of cuisine , the address, the hours, photos of their dishes and, of course, reviews. Look at the notes of visitors who have already been, because this can help you make the final decision.

7. When you are convinced, you can call directly to reserve by clicking on Call. If you are still not entirely sure, you can also click on the Web button to consult the menu or click on the car icon to get directions on how to get there.

How to see the top rated restaurants on Google Maps from a computer

Madrid Restaurants

The procedure is exactly the same, only in this case you will access through a computer.

1. Connect to Google Maps and type your search: “Madrid Restaurants” .

2. At the top, select the Rating option to indicate the number of stars desired. Then tap on Done .

Top rated Google Maps restaurants

3.  Now you will see the top rated restaurants. When you find the one you like, click on it to see the file and if you feel like it, you can book now .

Have you already found a place to eat? Recommend your favorite in the comments below!