7 applications to organize your summer vacation 2017

7 applications to organize your summer vacation 2017

This is the time of year when many people are already organizing their summer vacations . The most forward-thinking will take time looking for destinations, organizing plans or simply writing down ideas that go through their heads of how they want to approach the summer season. If you like to go last minute or take the car and go where it takes you, these applications will become an extra help in organizing your summer vacation 2017.

1. Google Trips - Travel Planner

If we have already decided where we are going to go, the Google Trips application can become the data center for our trip. As soon as we open the application, it asks us where we want to go. In fact, as it works with our Gmail account, it accesses our data to see what we have saved in the calendar.

From reservations, to things to do, going through a daily organizer, as well as finding places to eat, plans and a series of tips to move more optimally around the city. A kind of all in one that also allows us to download the information in case we do not have a connection.

Its negative point, which is in English.

2. Skyscanner

If we have decided to take a plane trip, Skyscanner will become a fantastic option since it has a flight price comparator. This is how we can adjust the destination to our budget or vice versa. A very comfortable solution to make the reservation of our trip, and we will also have suggestions of possible destinations.

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3. minube

"Find inspiration to plan your next outing." In the event that we are not clear about where we want to go, this application can help us make up our minds. When we enter the application, it suggests destinations with various themes, from "this is sure you like" to "25 most beautiful cathedrals" through "20 coastal towns in Spain".

When we choose a destination, we will have several options: see, eat, sleep. Also the possibility of seeing flights and hotels. The flights are through Skyscanner, while for the hotels they use Booking as a base. And in addition, we will have all the information about the destination we are going to, being able to see very illustrative images of what we can visit. A way to know what we are going to find there.

4. Booking

One of the most used applications when searching for accommodation and making reservations. With an application for both Android and iOS, we can search for different hotels and check what offers there are. In addition to using various filters, for the number of people, nights and others.

One of the most interesting Booking options is that we do not have to pay anything at the moment, since that is done at the hotel. And also, the fact of being able to look for rooms with free cancellation for what may happen.

5. Airbnb

If we don't want to go to a hotel, our application is Airbnb . These are private accommodations where we can choose from various types, from a single room to a house or an entire apartment. Several options in the event that we seek to adjust our budget a little more, or that we simply prefer to go to someone's house.

We will not have an intermediary , as is the case with Booking, since here we will get in touch with the owners of the sites. We can also consult the comments of previous tenants with their personal evaluations to make the most of our summer holidays.


6. TripAdvisor

Another of the applications that is worth both for daily use and when we are traveling. Thanks to its search engine, we can find both accommodations, places to eat, places to visit, and more. With the option of booking from the application itself .

In addition, we can review the comments of other users with scores and others. An app that is good for the summer holidays to get information at any time.

7. Wi-Fi Finder

One of the things that we usually look for when we travel is a Wi-Fi to have an Internet connection at some point during the trip . So with this application we will have a list to search for both free and paid connections.