Sky, we analyze your price and catalog of movies and series

Sky, we analyze your price and catalog of movies and series

Time passes and streaming services for movies and series appear more frequently. The times when we only had Netflix (although that was only a little over two years ago) have already passed into history. Later, the legendary HBO made an appearance and, with it, prestigious series such as 'The Wire', 'The Sopranos', 'Two meters underground' and 'Game of Thrones'. Later it would be done by Amazon Prime Video, an exclusive series service, associated with Amazon Prime. And now it appears, almost by surprise, Sky.

Sky is a British telecommunications company and the UK's largest pay TV company. This Sky Channel service differs from others such as Netflix , mainly because in addition to on-demand content, TV channels are offered in the same package. For 10 euros, we can enjoy channels such as Fox, Historia, SyFy, TCM, Comedy Central, etc. As with HBO or Netflix, hiring Sky has no commitment to stay and you can have the first month free.

But we go in parts. What can I do if I want to sign up for Sky Channel?

How to hire Sky Channel in Spain

To hire Sky Channel, the first thing we must do is enter their website. We create an account. We will only need an email account. To enjoy the free month, we must insert our card details in the form. To avoid being charged for the first month, you must cancel the subscription within your account settings. If, on the other hand, you wish to continue subscribing, each month you will be charged 10 euros in your checking account. You can unsubscribe whenever you want, as this service has no commitment to stay.

Login Sky

What can I see on Sky Spain?

As the main novelty, and before getting into the matter properly, good news for the most football fans: Sky Spain users will be able to enjoy the LaLiga 1/2/3 channel: all the matches of the day , 10 of them live, in addition of the channel's own programming that includes interviews, reports, the best plays and all the goals of the league days.

In addition to football, this is what we can enjoy at Sky Spain .

Live TV channels

This is the complete list of live channels that we can see from your platform:

  • Fox: series and movies from the American channel, among which are 'American Horror Story', 'Modern Family' and 'The Walking Dead'.
  • Fox Life: series like 'Grey's Anatomy', 'New Girl', 'Scandal' or 'The Kardashian'.
  • TNT: Big Bang Theory, Black-ish, Collective Intelligence, The Shannara Chronicles and Rick and Morty.

live channels sky

  • Calle 13 : 'Law and order', 'Cherif', 'Chance' ...
  • SyFy: 'Arrow', 'Atlantis', 'The Librarians' ...
  • History: programs on the History channel, such as 'Treasure hunter', 'Aliens', 'The price of history', 'Crazy about cars' ...
  • National Geographic Geo: 'Airport alert', 'Science for amateurs', 'The new silk road' ...
  • Comedy Central: 'Broad City', 'The President's Show', 'South Park' ...
  • OT la academia: 24-hour channel in which we can see the 24-hour Operation Triumph academy live.
  • Nickelodeon: children's shows like 'Vicky the Viking' or 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' ...
  • Disney Junior: Disney programs for the little ones, such as 'Miles from the future' or 'Pet paradise'.
  • Disney XD - Disney teen shows, like 'My Buddy is a Ghost' or 'Ha Ha Show'.

Series in Sky Spain

In addition to the series that we can follow in the live broadcasts of the aforementioned channels, we can also choose old episodes of various series on demand. In total, Sky Spain has 101 series and TV programs that can be viewed from the menu on its website. Series such as 'Angie Tribeca', the new series created by Steve Carell and starring Rashida Jones, Big Bang Theory (the last episode available, for the moment, aired in the US on November 30), Grey's Anatomy, Community, The Walking Dead ... Its content in series is basically based on procedural: that is, series whose episodes have self-concluding stories although they maintain story arcs throughout the season.

Sky Series

Cinema in Sky Spain

Sky Channel offers a wide variety of movies for all tastes . Titles such as 'No country for old men' 'Juno', 'Star Trek' or 'Mamma Mía' can be enjoyed à la carte. The best thing is that you go through their page and take a look at the catalog of 288 titles, although we have to tell you that cinema, precisely, is not the strength of Sky Spain.

On what devices can I watch Sky España?

You can connect your computer through HDMI to the television to be able to see live channels and series and movies on demand. In addition, Sky itself offers a terminal called Sky TV Box for 25 euros that is connected to the TV through HDMI and with which we can see all the content on our television. You can buy the Sky TV Box from this link.

sky tv box

  • Also, all Samsung TV models from 2014 onwards have the Sky app available. Just by downloading it and connecting through it we can enjoy all its content.
  • We can also see Sky on mobile thanks to its application for Android and iOS.
  • On the PC we can see all the content, accessing its official page on both Windows and Mac OS .
  • It does not have support for Chromecast or Airplay.

Conclusions of the service. Worth?

If we already have Netflix, for example, perhaps your plot of series, films and documentaries is already satisfied. Sky is a good service for someone who longs for old television , to be able to watch channels by zapping and to get hooked on easily digestible series. It is a bit of a delay that it does not have compatibility with Chromecast, but it is understood, since they market their own device to watch Sky on television.

If you like to zap, have an appealing variety of series and programs for all audiences and, very importantly, children's channels for the little ones, you will be able to take advantage of the service that Sky offers you. They are channels that are available on platforms like Movistar but associated with a fiber and mobile rate.

Do not lose anything in trying the first 30 days . If it spreads, leave the subscription as it is and enjoy the content. You can always cancel your subscription and do not receive any more charges.