10 games without mobile WiFi to enjoy anywhere

10 games without mobile WiFi to enjoy anywhere

There are times when we cannot connect to WiFi . Not the data. Perhaps we are on vacation in an area with poor coverage. Or although we can connect to the data, our rate is scarce, or it is the end of the month and we cannot afford to waste it. That is why it never hurts to have some games on your mobile without WiFi, that is, they do not need to connect to the Internet or data. That we open them and they are fully functional. And, thus, spend some time entertaining.

We are going to show you, in this special today, 10 games without WiFi for you to enjoy at any time and situation. You open them and go. So that your waiting times are more entertaining and without spending a penny on your mobile rate.

index of contents

  • Sand Balls
  • Word stacks
  • Infinity Loop
  • Tigerball
  • Questions and answers
  • Offline dominoes
  • Subway Surfers
  • Minigames
  • Bingo
  • Offline Bubbles

Sand Balls

A very easy and very entertaining game, with a satisfying ASMR point . In it you will have to give way to a handful of balls through a sandy path, digging with your finger. You must dodge obstacles and collect the more balls the better. The balls will give you gems that you can exchange for buildings. The best thing about the game is how fun and satisfying it is to watch. The worst, that it is a bit repetitive and too simple, but it has something that is hopelessly hooked.

The game is free although it has purchases and advertising inside, but it can be played perfectly without WiFi or data. What's more, it is advisable to play without being connected because that way you won't get any ads.

Download | Sand Balls (43 MB)

Word stacks

Do you like word games? Then 'Word Stacks' is yours. In this game you will have, as blocks, a series of letters that form words both from top to bottom and from left to right. Your mission will be to locate them all until you eliminate all the blocks. At the beginning of each level they will give you a clue: the category to which these words belong. You also have at your disposal a series of tracks that you can exchange using virtual coins. These coins are obtained by beating levels and watching advertising (the latter when you can connect to the Internet).

Download | Word Stacks (39 MB)

Infinity Loop

A game that requires concentration and that also promises to improve it. It is about different panels in which you can see circuits that you will have to connect , through pipes, until they form a whole. Although it may seem difficult to understand, it is very intuitive and in its explanatory video you will find out.

Download | Infinity Loop (Varies by device)


A game that will test your nerves and your skills when shooting balls. Physics plays a very important role in 'Tigerball': you will have to manage to put a ball, which constantly bounces, into a container . A game that will require all your patience and, in the long run, can improve your mental state. There are 100 levels spread over 20 worlds that you can play without having to be connected to the Internet.

Download | Tigerball (22 MB)

Questions and answers

Do you like Trivia games? Do you always take the slightest opportunity to take your knowledge of all kinds for a walk? Then stop giving the tabarra to your friends and download 'Questions and Answers'. In this game you will find a large handful of questions categorized in topics such as science, history, world capitals, sports… you can also play with a friend from your own phone.

Offline dominoes

Perhaps I am too young to be hooked on this game, more typical of taverns and pensioners. But it is never too early to play for the first time, bearing in mind, moreover, that it is a very simple, entertaining game and in which you will also have to be a strategist. You have three game modes at your disposal and you can access them without paying any money and without an Internet connection. In addition, like this, you are already practicing for when you retire and win all your companions from the pensioner's household.

Download | Offline dominoes

Subway Surfers

A fast-paced racing game in which you play a fearful skateboarder addicted to graffiti and who will have to dodge a policeman, as well as high-speed trains and other street furniture. It is a game with very simple mechanics: you just have to slide the character from side to side and tap to make the character jump. During the trip, the character will collect coins that can then be exchanged for skateboards with special functions, you can put yourself in the shoes of different characters, etc.

Download | Subway Surfers (92 MB)


'The best addictive games without WiFi', this is how these 'minigames' are advertised. Its operation is very basic: you download the application, open it (with the Internet, be careful), you download the minigame you want and, once installed on your mobile, you can play with it without Internet. You must bear in mind that to download the game you do need Internet but then, to play it, no. It is as if you download a 'Play Store' of games where you can find hours and hours of entertainment. It is the mobile version of the famous 'Minigames.com' website.


Download | Minigames (3.6 MB)


Do you want to play bingo without spending a penny and without connecting to the Internet? Well thanks to this game you can get it. It also has a very attractive design and does not require, as in the previous ones, that you spend data on your rate. Its mechanics is the one we all know by now: we have a cardboard with several rows of numbers. Different balls will appear with numbers and we will have to cross out those that match those of our card, winning prizes for completed rows or for complete cards. Remember that you should always play in moderation. Gambling is a very serious addiction that can destroy lives.

Download | Bingo (57 MB)

Offline Bubbles

An addictive and simple game in which you will have to throw colored balls against many others to make them explode and prevent the screen from filling up. There are 1,000 levels full of challenges in which you can get power-ups to easily overcome them.

Download | Offline Bubbles (Varies by device)