Amazon Prime Students: so you can hire it to save a few euros

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In mid-September, Amazon launched a promotion for the Prime plan called Amazon Prime Students (Prime Students in English). With this, any university student can enjoy limited conditions that are mostly better than those of the standard plan. These conditions are based on enjoying 3 months of Amazon Prime for free and an annual fee of only 18 euros , far from the 36 euros that the most basic plan currently offers. If you want to enjoy the Amazon Prime college discount, we will show you how to proceed step by step.

It should be added that, for the moment, the promotion is only available in Spain. In countries like Mexico or Argentina the promotion is not yet active.

How to hire Amazon Prime Students in Spain

Signing up for the new Amazon Prime plan for students is really easy. From Amazon they indicate that we will only have to create an Amazon account with the university's email (.edu, @usal, @uex, @ucm etc.) for the promotion to be activated automatically.

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Once we have registered all our personal data, we will have three free months directly. When the first three months have elapsed we will have to pay an amount of 18 euros per year for as long as the university email is active.

How do I contract the student plan if I don't have mail from the university?

From the Amazon service itself, a series of instructions have been made public to register in the student plan if we do not have an email from the university.

First of all, we will have to register with Amazon with any email address. Then, we will write an email to the address  [email protected] from the same email address that we have previously used in the Amazon account with the following information :, you must include a photo or scanned image of one of the following documents:

  • Scanned image or photograph of the student's school certificate or registration that shows the name, the name of the university center and the year of validity of the document.
  • Scanned image or photograph of the student's identification card showing the name, the name of the university center and the year of validity of the document.

Finally, from it is specified that before proceeding with the sending of the documentation we will have to make sure that we have completed the payment details with valid and updated information , that is, that the credit card or bank account entered is operational as of shipment date.

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Once the service has verified the validity of the documents and payment information, an email with a link will be sent to the original email address that will allow us to complete the process without the need for an email from the university. This process can take 3 to 5 business days.

I already have standard Amazon Prime, can I hire Amazon Prime Students?

The truth is that yes . The process to follow is the same as the one we have just detailed, only this time Amazon will update the data of the new subscription to the new conditions. That is, if we hire Amazon Prime Students today, three months will be added for free to the current subscription and the payment date will be moved to December 2020.

The money of the standard subscription will also be refunded based on the remaining months of the subscription, with 3 euros of compensation for each month . If, for example, we have four months left until the next payment date, we will be refunded 12 euros.