Yomvi vs Netflix, which is the best portal to watch movies and series on demand?

Netflix has recently arrived in Spain, but its catalog is quite poor compared to the offer available in other countries (such as the United States or the United Kingdom). Yomvi is still preferred by many users , especially for series. If you are thinking of subscribing to one of the two platforms, we will help you with this analysis.

Yomvi, a large catalog available


Yomvi is probably the most important platform for movies and series on demand in Spain. After the purchase of Canal + by Movistar , the available catalog has grown even more, and in fact Movistar + clients have included the Yomvi package in their programs.

The prices, however, are not particularly attractive: customers have to contract complete Movistar service plans that can reach 50 or 60 euros per month , to which should be added the extra corresponding to the channels that interest us (for example, 10 euros per month for the cinema package or 7 euros per month for the series).

At the moment, Yomvi plays with a considerable advantage over Netflix in terms of supply, and has in its catalog a very wide range of titles, among which successful series such as  Game of Thrones stand out .

Netflix, the great paradox of the Spanish catalog


Netflix has become the reference online service around the world thanks to its huge catalog of series and movies, but in Spain the offer is limited compared to other countries. Until now, many users have used proxy systems to access the offer of the United States or other countries from Spain, and that option seems to be coming to an end because Netflix is ​​denying access to content to VPN users and proxies .

Netflix Spain offers three plans, 8, 10 and 12 euros per month . From the outset, the price is much more attractive than that of Movistar + packages , but on the other hand, many titles in great demand are not available in our country. Users who can still connect to catalogs in other countries (such as through some paid VPN services ) can get much more out of the platform, but access to the platform's content in Spain seems not to be up to par prices.

The great paradox of Netflix in our country is that in the past the company transferred the exclusive rights to the premiere of many of its own productions "" such as the acclaimed series  House of Cards "" to Yomvi , which means that users of Netflix in Spain have to wait a year longer than users in other countries to see the new seasons of these series, while Yomvi releases them on time and with exclusive rights. The positive part is that the latest productions of Netflix series and movies are already being released directly on the platform.

Some conclusions

It is clear that Yomvi is the best option for Movistar + customers , but if you do not have contracted any of these plans, the prices may not compensate you. The Netflix catalog is a good option if you are looking for a lower price and if you don't mind waiting much longer to see the new seasons of “commercial” series. Logically, if you can't wait even a day after the premiere, keep in mind that many contents are released earlier on Yomvi .

An interesting option may be to hire the Netflix trial month (which is completely free) to thoroughly investigate the catalog and decide if the offer convinces you. Before the end of that first month, if you do not want to continue, you can cancel the renewal of the service and avoid being charged.