How to download your games from Twitch and upload videos to the service


Hardcore Twitch fans are in luck. And it is that the service has just incorporated two of the functionalities most demanded by its user community: the possibility of downloading the games and, on the other hand, the possibility of uploading videos. , as you know, is a platform that offers video streaming and that is mainly focused on the world of video games. Thus, users can transmit what they call "playthroughs" , or what is the same, real games, in addition to transmitting  eSports matches and other events related to the world of video games. And since all this content can be viewed on demand or in streaming, the fact that users can download their games and upload extra content is, without a doubt, a  very necessary addition .

Until now, users who wanted to download their games had to use third-party applications and complementary services , but always outside of Twitch . From now on they will be able to do it from within and this makes things much easier.


How to download your own games on Twitch

The new system is very similar to YouTube . In order to download one of your Twitch broadcasts , you will have to access the video manager and start the task:

1. Access Twitch and login . You can do it with your registered user or simply by logging in with Facebook . Of course, before entering Twitch you will have to provide a username and password. The process is simple and fast.

2. In the main screen, click on your username (in the top right corner) and select Video Manager .

3. If you have already made a broadcast, all you have to do is click on the Download button . The recording will start immediately and you can enjoy it as many times as you want (and without connection) from your computer.

4. If you have not done a broadcast yet , you will have to do it first, because the option to download the videos of other users, logically, is not available.


How to upload videos to Twitch

The next option that has incorporated the team Twitch the tool is the ability to upload videos . In this way, you can load the games edited or recorded offline. The procedure is super simple. To upload videos to Twitch , follow these instructions:

1. Inside the Video Manager (you do n't even have to leave the section indicated above), you will find the upload button. It's in the upper-right corner of the page.

2. Click on Upload (marked in purple). Keep in mind that the files have to be in MP4 format and weigh less than 10 GB , so be very careful with the weight of the file, because if it exceeds that amount (and it is not difficult) you will not be able to upload it.

3. Remember that in order to upload videos, your email address must be verified . Follow the steps indicated and when you are ready, upload the video.

You should know that the videos will be stored in your Twitch account for an indefinite time, so you can access them as many times as you want. The tool also has a statistical system that will be useful for you to know how many visits have been recorded in each of your videos.