10 original and very useful inventions that will surprise you

9 original and very useful inventions that will surprise you

In this newsroom we greatly enjoy discovering new inventions, ideas that make our lives easier or that are simply wildly ingenious. Our cutlery, purse, backpack or even the shoes that we use can have new and better uses thanks to technology. We are going to show you ten examples in which science can simplify our day to day.

Smart palm


In up to 50 points scattered along the beaches of Dubai we find a kind of metallic palm trees. These devices, apart from shading, also offer other interesting functions, such as giving free Wi-Fi or charging our phones .

Through solar panels mounted on its "leaves", the Smart Palm charges naturally. In addition, it has some seats so that the user can sit and consult the mobile with the WiFi, without having to stand or sit in the sand. Finally, it includes cameras inside, to ensure the security of the device, as well as the perimeter.

Jacket with temperature adjustment

The Flexwarm brand has specialized in taking the concept of "thermal clothing" to another level . One of its flagship products is the 8K Flexwarm jacket. This garment has the characteristic that it can be synchronized with a mobile app to select the temperature we want to have in the upper and lower areas of the trunk.

The technology included in the 8K Flexwarm allows the temperature of the fabric itself to be raised , transmitting that heat to the area that we want. The model is not yet available for purchase, but you can join the queue on its official website to receive information when it happens.

Rechargeable batteries ... via USB

usb batteries

The idea of ​​rechargeable batteries is not new. However, this more current concept may interest more than one: previously, conventional rechargeable batteries require their own charging base, which can be a nuisance if we have a lot of mobility and we have to carry it with us.

But what if we could charge the batteries with a USB plug? Now it is possible. By lifting the top, which is now a lid, we can plug the battery into a USB port and forget about buying new ones . In addition, we will protect the environment, since disposable batteries are highly polluting. In Amazon you can buy a pair for 9.50 euros.

Anti-stain shirt

And if before we were talking about a garment that heated itself, this one that we present to you now is a shirt that repels stains . Sepiia is a Spanish brand that has developed a technique to allow liquids to slide off the fabric. The fabric, at the same time, is breathable, thanks to its antibacterial microfiber structure, it does not leave sweat stains and does not need ironing. Tempting, right? If you want to know more, you can do it on their website.

Wallet with GPS and charging


The fear of losing the wallet can degenerate into a real neurosis for many people. Volterman, the first “smart wallet “ , has been created for them . This wallet has some features that will make more than one eye shine.

First and foremost, it has a GPS sensor, which allows you to know where the wallet is. Thus, if we leave it somewhere, our mobile will send a signal through its app . In addition, the Volterman includes a mini-camera that will photograph whoever opens it when it is out of the safe range.

As if that were not enough, this wallet is also a powebank that allows us to charge the phone in times of need . After overcoming a crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the product is already in the manufacturing process, and we can buy it in pre-sale for 130 euros at the exchange.

Airless tire

Cars have changed a lot in the last quarter century, but the basic concept of the tire has always been the same: a rubber that hardens when inflated with air . Now, Michelin intends to overturn that idea with the development of the X Tweel Turf wheel.

It is a tire based on polyresin, semi-solid, and works without air. In this way, the user enjoys the same product as always, but without worrying about possible punctures or breakages due to impacts , since the composition of this wheel allows it to adapt to a more aggressive terrain. If you know the product thoroughly, you have more information on the Michelin website.

Home water recycling system


As the world's population increases, drinking water becomes an increasingly precious commodity . Therefore, all inventions that seek to improve sustainability through recycling water are welcome.

This is one of them: AQUS System. It is a system that connects the sink and the toilet , two of the most water-intensive elements in a home. Thus, all the water that we use from the tap will go directly to a compartment that will be connected to the toilet chain, and will fill it.

When we flush, the water we use will be recycled from the tap. The savings that this system contemplates is gigantic . It is not yet approved for commercialization, but hopefully that will happen soon.

Butter warmer knife

Technology also has an interesting use in the kitchen. This that we show you is a thermal knife that heats up by itself , making cutting foods like butter stop being a complication.

Just with the heat of our hand , the Spreadthat knife heats up enough that the butter it cuts already begins to melt slightly. Ideal for fans of toast. You can buy it on this website for 25 euros.

Solar charging backpack


Solar charging technology is especially useful in cases where we do not have an electrical source nearby as a first option. A backpacking trip in the mountains is one of those cases, and that is why this backpack is the perfect solution: with solar panels mounted on top , it accumulates a charge during the day in a battery with 10,000 mAh capacity.

With this backpack, we will have the peace of mind of being able to charge our phone, camera, GPS and other devices . Otherwise, it is an ordinary backpack, with several compartments and enough space for any mountain trip. In Amazon you have one available from the Eceen brand for 136 euros.

Smart sneakers

We now talk about Lenovo Smart Shoes, a prototype that aims to become the ally of athletes. It can be paired with an app to recognize the number of steps taken, the speed reached and even the weight lifted . In addition, it includes LED lights on the bottom that serve as lighting when there is little light.

Finally, the sole contains a device that is compatible with games where steps are important, such as dance steps, thus turning our shoe into a game console controller . The model has not yet been commercialized, we will be informed when that happens.