PornHub's most searched terms and stats for 2017

PornHub's most searched terms and stats for 2017

The most famous and most visited porn site on the Internet, Pornhub, has just made its annual report on its user statistics official. Everything we would like to know about the uses and customs of the Internet user for porn, with truthful data released by the most popular site in all of cyberspace. Pornhub and its annual report are going to become one of the most anticipated news of the year, both because of the curious results and because of the curiosity that the world of adult cinema always throws up.

Pornhub statistics in 2017

The beginning: number of visits and searches

First, the page takes stock of all the visits they have received during the past year. The figure half visitors and rises 28,000 million, representing an average of 81 million people a day connected to Pornhub. We continue with the hard and fast numbers: a total of 24,700 million searches carried out, translated to 50,000 searches per minute, 800 searches in a single second. Pornhub makes a curious parallel between its own searches and the McDonalds restaurant: 800 hamburgers are sold per second: the same number of searches on the page in the same (and short) space of time.

The site's users and content partners hosted nearly 4 million videos, including 810,000 in the 'amateur' or amateur porn category. In total, 595,482 hours of porn were uploaded : if we saw them all in a row, it would take no less than 68 years to finish them.

graph pornhub user figures

The searches that defined the year 2017

What topics related to the world of porn were Pornhub users most interested in in 2017? First of all we have 'porn for women' . And there is no doubt that times are changing and gender is no longer something 'exclusively' male. More and more women are interested in the adult gender, as this revealing data confirms: searches related to porn made for women have increased by 1,400% compared to 2016.

The world of pornographic parody continues to have a hole in the heart of the most daring viewer, with the Rick and Morty series at the fore. It is curious that a cartoon series with such a surreal and grotesque approach can serve as sexual inspiration for artists in the world of porn. In addition, among the most popular searches, we find the fidget spinner, the fashionable toy, with quite peculiar uses, the ASMR (Autonomic Meridian Sensory Response) porn, a porn to see and feel with headphones and high volume, Hentai and cheerleaders . The cheerleaders had a great acceptance during 2017, as well as the most adult genre of anime.

PornHub's Most Searched Terms and Statistics for 2017 1

Most searched terms in 2017

2017: Third year in a row that the most sought after porn on Pornhub is lesbian sex worldwide. According to Dr. Laurie Betito, Sex Therapist and Director of Pornhub's Center for Sexual Health: 'Lesbians have been men's # 1 fantasy since the beginning of time. However, we cannot forget the women who seek lesbian sex as a soft fantasy, a way of approaching in the imagination to something that, perhaps, in reality they do not dare or do not feel like it . '

most searched terms

'Lesbians' are followed by 'Hentai', the porn subgenre of Japanese anime . A wicked world of hypersexualized schoolgirls, monsters with gigantic limbs and everything that the imagination can turn 'into reality' and yet the real image cannot. A term that becomes more and more popular over time until reaching the second position in 2017 of most popular searches.

Most Wanted Actresses of 2017

The great stars of porn movies are, of course, its actresses, many of them even occupying positions of their own production. The place of honor is led by the popular girl next door Riley Reid , who climbs from an honorable third place in 2017. In second place we have the well-known 'hijab porn star', Mia Khalifa, who is very popular for her exotic beauty. In the following table we have the complete ranking of the most popular actresses on Pornhub, among which are the usual Lisa Ann for these tops, the popular Kim Kardashian (who, remember, has the odd leaked sex tape) and Lisa Ann, considered one of the best MILFs in the world, now retired, and with a sports radio program included.

pornhub actresses 2017

Regarding the actors, we are going to cite, as a curiosity, the appearance in the first place of the Spanish Jordi, El Niño P **** , who prevails over legends of the caliber of Rocco Siffredi and Mandingo.

Countries major consumers of pornography

We are now going to geography classes. In which country was the most pornography consumed in the past year? Well, the prize is taken, how could it be otherwise, the United States , the mecca of cinema, normal and pornographic. However, this year 2017 has been a great novelty compared to an unbeatable one: if the British continue to fight in second place, third place is no longer for the Japanese, who go down to fourth. Now it is India that takes the bronze medal in the porn Olympics.

Canadians are the citizens who have decreased their consumption of pornography the most, falling from second to fifth in a single year. What about us Spaniards? We are ranked number 12 , above countries like Sweden, Argentina, Russia or South Africa. The consumption of the first 20 countries represents 80% of all Internet traffic generated during the previous year.

Special section: Spain

The place of honor in the most popular searches in Spain is 'Spanish mature' . The most wanted porn star is a man, the previously mentioned Jordi El Niño P ****, the most popular category is that of MILFs or mature women and Apolonia Lapiedra, famous after passing through the magazine Sálvame, became the star trending topic of the year.

spain pornhub

Other curious statistics

  • 33 years is the average age of the user who connects to consume porn on Pornhub.
  • A 67% of traffic to the porn Pornhub is generated through mobile devices.
  • The most sought-after non-porn celebrity on Pornhub during 2017 was Kim Kardashian followed by Selena Gomez.
  • The most searched movie character on Pornhub was Harley Quinn from the DC comic Suicide Squad.

This is all that the world of porn and Pornhub has brought in 2017. Do you feel identified with any of the figures that have been revealed?