Is it worth buying FIFA 19 if I have FIFA 18?

Is it worth buying FIFA 19 if I have FIFA 18?

Year after year, fans of good football on the console have an unavoidable appointment with what is, today, the star game to enjoy the beautiful game. The FIFA 19 is reinvented every year, bringing improvements and new features to persuade their millions of fans to buy it again. And also, incidentally, beat some of the gamers who are loyal to their great rival, the PES. I've had the opportunity to play the EA Sports title over the past few weeks and have tried to keep the best and worst of this title for myself . These are the things that I liked the most about FIFA 19 and the ones that I liked the least, most in reference to FIFA 18. What do you think?

FIFA 19 FUT villa

The 10 things that I liked the most in FIFA 19

1. The setting

It is inevitable to talk about the setting. When loading the game for the first time you start playing a spectacular Champions League final match in which Juventus participates . It could not be otherwise, since it is Cristiano Ronaldo's team and the former Madrid player is the image of FIFA 19.

And the truth is that the first impact is spectacular. The animations that accompany the entrance to the stadium, the shouts of the fans … These are details that immediately lead us to feel in the shoes of the players. A real success.

2. The goalkeeper no longer has to turn to serve both sides

One of the most welcome changes at the gameplay level. It's over when the camera moves next to our goalkeeper when we want to get out of the gate , “snitching” our opponents the direction of the ball. At first, it will even be shocking to you, but surely you will appreciate it later.

fifa19-fut-19 rewards

3. The FUT 19 Weekly Rewards System

It is a yes but half, and then I will deal with the negative part in the points that could improve from FIFA 19. Now, we will have a reward system that will depend on our victories (and fewer points for draw or loss) against rivals through of online gaming . Something similar to the idea of ​​Squad Battles but taken to competition with other players. Plus, the rewards are really juicy, which gets you hooked on playing more games.

4. The spectacularity of the Chilean

In FIFA 18 it was really difficult to finish off a cross in an acrobatic way. Quite the opposite than in FIFA 19, and the truth is that it is appreciated in the face of the show.

5. The huge number of different modes

The jewel in the FIFA 19 crown is its versatility. Each new version of FIFA we find new game modes to explore the universe of football. And the amount it already holds is staggering. Online game, Champions, single player or online competitions, training, FUT 19, The Way of Alex Hunter ...

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6. The improvement in the loading time of the matches

Admittedly, EA Sports has done a great job of optimizing the loading time of online matches . In less than half a minute you can start a match, whereas before it took longer to load. Of course, I admit that I was not so upset about the wait since they would put a player to shoot at goal until the game started. Sometimes I miss practicing shooting.

7. The three minutes of addition are over (in the first half)

It was something that surprised me and made me very nervous at FIFA 18. By default, the referees almost always marked three minutes of added time in the first half. Something quite Martian that is difficult to see in a League or Champions match, to give two examples. In addition, they did it without taking into account the stops that were in the game, so it squeaked a lot and took away realism from the game. Now, the referees continue to introduce a fairly generous addition, but it does change according to various factors and is not so obvious.

8. Music selection and option to switch between songs

Another of the sections that EA Sports works a lot on is the selection of songs that are part of their titles. This year is no exception, although it seems to me that they are a point below what we had in FIFA 18. All in all, I love the option to switch between available songs by simply pressing the central panel of the control (in my case it is I test from the PS4).

fifa 19 envelopes

9. It is a game in constant evolution

It is another of the great keys why this game never stops aging. EA Sports launches new game modes every year and changes things within the modes that already exist. But, in addition, it also includes constant updates within FIFA 19, so you can find new challenges throughout the year that will help you get even more hooked on the game. These changes also come to special editions of some players on the occasion of events such as Halloween (for example).

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10. Envelopes are more attractive

My impression is that another of the sections in which the guys from EA Sports have put their hand. Player Packs in FIFA 18 almost always left you feeling like you had wasted your money, whereas in FIFA 19 FUT 19 I have the feeling that they are not so disappointing (although there are times when which are still quite pufo). As I say, it is a personal feeling with the experience I have had so far, but it could be a good step forward in case it is widespread.

fifa19 quick match

The things I liked least about FIFA 19

1. The centers

It is true that they have gained in spectacularity, but many times sacrificing realism . Although you get used to it, on many occasions I have not been able to help feeling that I am facing a title that is too geared towards the arcade. Many centers come out flat and give that feeling of having taken a step back.

2. The sad legacy of FUT 18

Another decision that I didn't like at all is how to resolve the transition of your team from FUT 18 to FUT 19. Instead of keeping your squad or players, FIFA 19 gives you a series of rewards in the form of packs of players to compensate for the change ... A compensation that, honestly, is not in line with the hours you have spent building your team from scratch . The result is that you practically have to start over, and at first it becomes quite heavy to start growing.

3. The excessive prices of many signings

Forget about most of the cheap and quality transfers from last year. In FUT 19 players like Gabriel Jesús, Vardy or Goretzka give a price jump of more than three, five or even seven times their previous price. It is something general, which you will notice immediately when building your team. This means that despite the good rewards, it is difficult to buy players that were previously available. And the bargains are quite scarce in this title.

fifa 19 leg

4. The screen after the games

You've probably seen it. Many times after a game you find the image of the field and a sudden appearance of a half-cut player, legs, etc. It looks very bad and although it is only for one or two seconds, a title of this quality is a bit dull.

5. Sometimes the comments do not correspond to reality

This is true for the Spanish commentaries from Spain, with Paco Lama at the helm . There are times when comments do not correspond well with reality. For example, when the commentator talks about how people are already leaving the game and asks Antonio (the commentator on the field, it is understood) how much time is left. The answer is twenty minutes, which grinds a lot with the idea that the stadium is being dislodged when it is still a very even game. And the same when he says that there must be little time left and they answer him that half an hour.

These are details that do not make a big difference at the gameplay level but that do not quite fit .

fifa19 expired item

6. The sale of consumable items

Player trading is a very interesting and well-built universe in FIFA 19 FUT 19. The system is attractive and finding the best bargain can entertain you for a long time. What does not seem so interesting to me is that the same system is brought to contracts and staff training articles.These are consumables that we will need sooner rather than later, and the speed with which they disappear makes you have to train the speed of your fingers to buy, without any kind of strategy or reflection. In this context, having to deal with the message of "sorry, the article has expired" is a bit tiresome. Personally, I think EA Sports should rethink the idea of ​​setting fixed prices for these must-have items (especially contracts).

7. No penalties per hand

The truth is that it is understood that it is a difficult addition to add because of having to use advanced AI to recognize the impact on the hand (and that this is not involuntary), but the truth is that many times it is missed that it is whistled these kinds of plays .

8. And the VAR, for when?

If, according. It is evident that FIFA 19 has not had time to add this new addition of modern football to the game , if we consider that it began to be implemented in the last World Cup (July). But the truth is that it would have been very nice to be able to enjoy those moments of tense waiting when the referee makes the gesture on the screen and runs to the band to review a play. It will probably be included in the next version of FIFA.


9. The division rating system in online gaming

FUT 19 completely changes the rating system for your skill. Now you no longer compete online to move up a division or stay in short 10-game seasons. The rating comes from the results you get in each game and is added and subtracted to determine your "division." Although the mini-seasons are kept in single player mode, it seems to me that you lose that fun of moving up with your team when fighting against human opponents.

10. Failures to connect with rivals

Apparently, there is a problem that quite a few users suffer due to a compatibility issue with the iPV6 protocol . It's been my turn to suffer since FIFA 18. Every now and then, he just can't connect with an opponent and the connection is continually lost before the game starts. In my case the solution is as simple as restarting the router and then it works normally, but those couple of minutes that are lost are somewhat tedious.

fifa19 new modes


In short, FIFA 19 is an evolution that does not bring fundamental changes to the game (at this point it is difficult) . But it has the catch of having the new templates and some interesting improvements such as the new weekly rewards system for playing online. Gameplay details have also been outlined that make you find fewer bugs and bugs both in player behavior and graphically. If you are already a fan of FIFA, I would recommend that you get this title as soon as possible. Now, if you like soccer but are not passionate, maybe you should wait for a good discount offer to pop up in the PlayStation store to update the title.